July 24, 2013

Through the Storm - Lynn Dove

As my friend Jack likes to say: "Unless you've been dead, or live in Edmonton..." no doubt everyone has heard about the disastrous floods that raged through my hometown of Calgary, Alberta in June.  I posted several pictures on my Journey Thoughts blog showing the devastation, and then how the community rallied around those who had lost their homes and businesses.  Amazingly, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth The Calgary Stampede was not cancelled, even though the fairgrounds had been submerged under water only a couple of weeks before. 

The cost of restoration and rebuilding is in the staggering billions of dollars and peoples' lives will never be the same. 

I am always slightly offended by the way the media and insurance companies call a disastrous natural event an "Act of God", as if God would purpose these disasters to happen.  How many times have I heard the question asked, "Where was God in this?" 

I know God allows things to happen for a reason and no doubt, here in Alberta, we will see His Hand of protection and provision in the months and year ahead as people put together what is left of their lives after a raging storm took so much away.  I have seen how neighbours and countless numbers of volunteers have come alongside those who are wading through the waters and helping them clean up.  Samaritan's Purse, the Red Cross, and Church Disaster Relief groups have all responded to the call.  So many are there to help these people get through the storm's aftermath.

I like to think that the last several weeks have been a clear illustration of what it means to be the "Hands and Feet of Jesus" as we love on our neighbours, and come together to show brotherly kindness and practical assistance to so many who need to see Jesus in the faces of those around them.

I am thankful to all those who have prayed for Calgary and the hard-hit communities of Exshaw, Bragg Creek, High River, and Canmore.  I have seen first-hand the devastation in each of those towns and they will need our prayers and our work boots and gloves on to help as they are now in the recovery and rebuilding stage.

As we walk beside our neighbours I pray that they will see that God is always there through the storm.


  1. Disasters often bring out the 'best' in people...

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of the flood in Calgary from your own point of view. Beautiful photos too.

  3. PS. Maybe I shouldn't say "beautiful photos," in the usual sense, but beautiful in that you captured the situation very well.


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