April 10, 2011

Easter - Shirley S. Tye

As the snow melts revealing garbage that was hidden by the once white blanket of snow and muddy puddles appear where the gravel laden snow banks retreat, sunshine draws new life from the warming soil and gently soothes the winter weary soul. Lost treasures once hidden by snow and ice are revealed. Dark heavy winter coats are exchanged for brighter and lighter weight spring coats. Spring is a mixture of beauty and dirt.

Such is Easter. The gruesome death sentence of Jesus; the agony of His sacrifice is more than my guilty eyes can behold. But God's love penetrated my sin laden soul weary of life's struggles and drew me to Him. The dirt and garbage has been removed, and lost treasures are found. My yoke is lighter because Jesus is carrying the heavy end. I've been made beautiful with new life springing within me.

Easter is a mixture of gladness and weeping. I rejoice in the new life I have been given but yet I weep bitterly because my sins drove Jesus to the cross. There's nothing I can do to repay Him except love Him through tears. Although my eyes weep, my heart rejoices that Jesus rose again. Even in the dirt of this world, life is beautiful because my Lord reigns!


  1. I frequently complain of the messy, dusty environment that winter leaves behind.
    Thanks for showing us, that unsightly as it often is, the reveled grubbiness is the harbinger of Spring, and and a picture of the new life we need in Christ.

  2. The snow has finally melted on our back yard and garden, and I'm surprised at the clutter we left laying around before it snowed - garden hoses, planters, a bike totally engulfed in snow. It reminds me that sin can be covered up but eventually it's exposed. Thank you for your thoughts - they're so pertinent at this time of year.


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