July 31, 2010

School Children - Lyn Kublick

This class attended school in my home town, Orland California, somewhat before my time. Their teacher was my mother's aunt, May Reager.

As a writer of historical fiction I spend a great deal of time dwelling in the past and I find it interesting to compare life then and now. One area of great change is child rearing methods. As we look at this class picture 8 and 9 year old students, we first notice the difference in the their clothing, and that of the teacher's. Hair styles also catch the eye. Compare this picture to youngsters today that often dress like miniature teenagers.

These physical differences are minor compared to the change in the way children are expected to behave. How would today's kids respond the the old adage, "Children should be seen and not heard"? In many homes, and even in public places, the younger generation tends to claim the center of attention.

Raising children to respect adults is also over looked in some modern homes. In fact, in the worst cases, the youngest members of the family seem to be in control. It's not unusual to hear some of these little people bully their parents by making demands rather than polite requests. Their elders feel the need to buy expensive toys, that they can ill afford, so the children can keep up with others in their play group.

One thing that worries me is the constant need, of this generation, to be excited and entertained. How often do we hear children complain of being bored. Many seem to have lost the ability to enjoy their own company . They expect parents, teachers and youth workers to provide exciting diversions for their benefit. When left on their own many turn to electronic devices to fill their time. What is happening to imagination and creativity

Most important, is enough care given to helping children find Jesus? How can they learn to pray, meditate and listen for God's voice in houses where electronic noise is constant. I visited a home lately and heard the mother say that she keeps the radio on 24/7. The television is constantly on as well, and video games, a DSI and a Wii are available.

I pray that God will bless all of our children and help them to have a desire for Him in their often chaotic lives. Without His presence in their lives they will never know the joy of peace.

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