July 06, 2010

De-Liveration! Glynis Belec

For years I have been trying to convince my dearly beloved that liver is an excellent source of iron and a nutritionally superior food, totally worthy of sampling and savouring once in a while.

Sadly my attempts to convince my not so easily-convinced partner in marriage, continue to fail miserably. No matter how much I disguise the liver with sizzling bacon and scrumdillyishus fried onions, he won't take the bait or a bite.

"Toss me on a burger with those onions and bacon, and you finish the liver," comes the response.

But the other day I thought I was making some headway. You know how it is (well some of you do) when you get older. You start thinking how you should get over some of your silly ways and focus on what really is good for you. We had been talking about eating healthy and changing a few things in our diet.

To my surprise, when I announced that I would be putting liver on my shopping list, it wasn't met with the usual moans and groans. I jotted it down and put a happy face on the page. :)

However, it was not to be. Any thought I had about changing my hubby into a liver lover went down the toilet.

...And speaking of toilet, a little later in the week, I heard a noise coming from the downstairs bathroom.

I investigated. 'Twas not a lovely sight. The toilet was overflowing - gushing forth with abandon. My dearly beloved, armed with pipe wrench and towels called me for reinforcements. To cut a long story short, or to flush out some of the details, suffice to say, our septic tank was full and we needed to call - pronto, the nearest available septic tank cleanout guy.

Mr. Septic Tank Cleaner arrived in good time. The flood subsided and we were able to do away with the towel dam. Of course, once the work was completed, we felt duly obliged to offer our septic tank hero a coffee before he went on his way. He accepted and happy hubby had a good old chat with him. The topic of conversation, you guessed it, was the fine art of dealing with sewage. I was stuffing wet towels into the washer and listening in on the conversation every now and then.

"Do you have any liver?" I heard the nice chap ask my hubby.

"Liver?" I interjected. I thought he needed a snack. "Yes, I think I do. But I might have some brownies in the freezer instead."

"No, no..." His furrowed brow indicating a serious matter was underfoot.

"I want you to put some liver down the toilet. And you should do it once a month, too."

My dearly beloved grinned like a Cheshire cat. I knew exactly what he was thinking. He had been telling me to toss the liver down the toilet for a long time. Now he had backup.

Mr. Septic tank guy chatted on for quite a while about his liver suggestion. He shared with us the merits of how liver in the septic tank will help multiply the bacterial count and other sordid details. Apparently liver down the toilet, a healthy septic system makes...

As I become more educated on the beneficial aspects of liver in the septic system and how it multiplies the bacterial count, I start to ponder how sin is multiplied in our lives. We can try to wipe up the mess ourselves and cover up and try to wash our own dirty laundry, but if we do not have the Lord in our lives, it's like the liver in the septic system. Before we know it, the bacterial count in our lives is rampant.

I'm liking the reassurance, though, that God will rescue us if we call upon His name. He wipes away our sin and cleanses us completely. All we need do is ask: He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. (Psalm 40:2)


  1. Oh you made me laugh........about the liver in the septic tank.

    And I like how you mention thinking about getting over some of our silly ways and focus on what really is good for us. True!

  2. This story is too funny, Glynis!!

    And a good application to sober us up.

  3. Ha ha, hilarious! Makes me wonder if your husband bribed the plumber to say those nasty words about our favourite food!
    It sounds like we have a very similar household. I love the delicacy while my husband would just as soon flush it.
    Pam Mytroen


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