December 08, 2013

The Christmas Gift -- Vivia Oliver

There is a gift we celebrate at this time each year
Which we need to hold in our hearts so dear
This gift we should open, not leave it under the tree
We hold it in our hearts, this gift so precious to me

A gift left under the tree not opened helps no one
When Christ offers you salvation, take it a prize won
Take that gift with thanks; to your life add his charm
This gift, you can take forever to hold in your arm

This gift will sustain you through trial and error
It will bless you and give peace to the bearer
There’s no gift like it, it cost not one cent
It will never wear out and will never be spent

Take this gift of salvation, let it fill you with hope
It will give you a thing to hang onto when you’re out of rope
And tell others of this wonderful blessing it has given
It might even give them salvation and life in heaven

(c) Vivia Oliver, 2009


  1. Vivia, Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas gift poem with us.

    His amazing gift is one we definitely want to open...and we pray that many others will too during this holy season.

  2. Accepting the gift of salvation and sharing it with others--what a wonderful message for Christmas.


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