July 17, 2013


The tide of Christian beliefs and values has been receding from Canada’s shores from sea to shining sea for several decades. As God is the author and only source of life, a drift away from Him inevitably leads away from a love of life to a culture of death.

Abortion is the first and obvious indicator of society embracing this focus. It won’t stop there. Aborted babies delivered alive are regularly disposed of, and post birth abortion—a half-sanitized name for infanticide—is already under discussion.

Of course, euthanasia and assisted suicide gleefully follow their mentor’s footsteps further devaluing life. Life in Canada is no longer sacred; it only has value if it is wanted or promises a nebulous quality of life.

Now even sexual curriculum being proposed for schools will promote anal and oral sex, masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality, and preferred gender change and experimentation, all as equal sexual choice alternatives.

The common thread? All alternatives to heterosexuality are barren, reinforcing the culture of death. For abortion and alternate sexual preferences are inextricably linked; both are driven by the desire to separate sexual recreation from procreation, a denial of life.

Respect for life issues from a respect for God who is its only source. It is not surprising that major movers for life are Christians. Now, a strong and burgeoning pro-life movement is spearheading the advance opposing the current cultural rush to ration life, both in Canada and the States.

Loathing of life is a slap in the face of God, the giver of life. For the life He gives is not just a breathing existence. His amazing grace and costly redemption usher in a depth, meaning, and direction of life obtainable from no other source.


  1. Thanks for tackling a difficult subject, Bryan. This past week I met a young lady who was deserted on factory steps shortly after her birth in China. She believes God spared her life many times. We definitely need to stand up for LIFE!

  2. I was going to also thank you for jumping in to share about one of those harder issues to talk about.

    The Lord set death and life before his people when they crossed the Jordan. Today, I want to say as a Canadian I choose life for all our citizens, born and yet to be born.


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