February 26, 2022

Walking In God's Love by Lorilee Guenter


We are told Christians should be known by their love. God is love and, as we walk with Him, His love is poured out in us until it overflows, touching everything around us. It infuses our perspective and shows up in our work, our relationships, and our hobbies.

Society has a picture of love that doesn't always match what Jesus modelled. I don't believe love is the lustful passion shown in some of the popular media. Nor do I believe it is a blanket acceptance of everything without gentle correction. There is much more to honest love than this, and it is honest love that I want to define my actions.

When I attempt to define love, I do better at finding examples than at finding a concise definition. I recognize it in those around me. I recognize its absence. I don't need to create my own definition because 1 Corinthians 13 provides one. Love as described in this passage is impossible to achieve on our own strength. Love like this can change the world.

In contrast to many of the "dream big" messages, one of my current favourite songs is "Dream Small" by Josh Wilson. The lyrics tell the story of many small acts of love that together make a difference. This resonates with me. We are called to live in the everyday moments, in the small choices that we make. I have seen many examples in my own life of these consistent "small" acts. By the time years and decades have passed, it is hard to imagine the relationships looking any different than they do now. Just as it is hard to imagine the towering oak as an acorn easily held in a hand, it is hard to imagine the discussions, debates and adjustments that a marriage of 50 years may have had in the early years. 

When I get discouraged because progress is slow, I try to remember. When I notice my flaws, the places where fear pushes against faith, I try to remember. Small consistent choices may result in big dreams being achieved. Small consistent choices to follow God's leading will result in my character reflecting Him to those I encounter. I read and reread the stories recorded of the disciples and the heroes of the faith. They remind me that God can and will work to perfect my faith. My life still needs polishing just like my stories. Every time I pick up my coloured pens, the story becomes a little bit better. Every day I choose to walk in faith instead of fear, my story reflects God's love.  


  1. I love that song "Dream Small" - at first one may think, "That's not right," but in fact the message is very encouraging and biblical, because God sees ev en our smallest concerns. Great post.

  2. Thank you, dear Lorilee, for reminding us how important and powerful "small consistent choices" are. When we're faithful in little, much goodness follows.

    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

  3. Hi Lorilee! Thank you for this reminder of " small consistent things," and how God uses them. Thank you also for the power and value of "honest love." Your message is timely and precious.

  4. Lorilee, I heartily agree with what you have written so beautifully about love. If we waited until opportunities for grand gestures of love came along, the world would be a cold place.
    I plan to listen to the song you mentioned. Its title reminds me of one of my favorites, "Little Things With Great Love" by Madison Cunningham. Here is a link, if you're interested in listening.


  5. Small acts of love indicate one's character. It's the fruit of the Holy Spirit working within us. So let us live as we've been directed by our Lord.

  6. I agree there is no better definition of love than the one found in 1 Corinth 13. To me, it describes love in work clothes. What you've shared reminds me of a line attributed to Mother Teresa: "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, Lorilee.

  7. Thanks for sharing how small consistent choices add up to something larger. And small acts of Love add up to a loving heart.


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