May 25, 2018

On and On By Vickie Stam


When I was a little girl I loved babies. My sister always said, "If we can't find Vickie, just look for someone with a baby and there she'll be." Haha...

I loved pushing a baby stroller and seeing there toothless grin when they smiled. If a child were old enough to walk, I wanted nothing more than to hold their hand and take them with me. Come play with me. The desire to be a mother was brewing inside of me at a young age.

I dreamed of having four children but after some complications during the birth of my second child I felt blessed that I was able to have two.

Now that my children are in their thirties.... oh my goodness - I'm thankful for the pictures that I have stored away in my box of treasures. The photos help keep the memories of their youth alive- more vivid. Their once beautiful blonde hair has now turned a darker shade of brown. And like all children, they grew up far too quickly.

That canvas in my life has definitely faded some. Without my beloved pictures I would find it impossible to recall every moment in time, every game we played, every book we read or every song we sang. Yet, one particular song still stands out like no other. It was more than just a little ditty. The year was 1992 and it was, "The song that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friend."

Shari Lewis was a puppeteer and the star of Lamb Chops Play-Along, a show that kept my children spellbound for twenty five minutes. I savoured that short period to time where I could take advantage of their being quiet - that is until the end of the show.

At the closing of each episode there was a catchy little tune that most kids could have easily caught onto. On the other hand, it was something that could have forced any parent to tear their hair out one strand at a time. The song went on and on and on.

These days, I can liken that tune to my writing. There is no end to it, at least not one that I'm aware of. My story isn't over. My life is like the song that never ends. It too will go on and on my friend.

You see.... The God who spoke and the world began has promised eternal life to those who believe in Him. I shall not perish. I shall have an everlasting life. 

1 Corinthians 15:22  "Look at this way: through Adam all of us die, but through the Anointed One all of us can live again."
                                   The Voice - Reader's Bible

As a writer, I use metaphors to paint my world, provide my readers with some clarity and enhance my story. Words, phrases and images all play an essential role in helping my readers unlock my stories true meaning.

Stories can blow you away ..... if you know what I mean   


  1. Oh yes, I remember that song! (Unfortunately!!) I don't recall my kids loving the show but they definitely watched it some. We also received three hand knitted 'Lamb-chops' puppets from someone that looked quite authentic and they used to love playing puppets with them - and singing the song... !

    1. Hi Vickie. I love the reminder that our story will never end. Thank you for your post and an opportunity to look back on days gone by. My children are all in their thirties as well. We can treasure our memories and store them up. I enjoyed your post my friend. Oh no, now if I can only stop that song you mentioned from staying in my mind.

  2. Great post Vickie. I like how you likened our journey to a never-ending story. That's a game I used to play with my children where we each had to add to the story as it went along. It was creative story telling at it's best :) Thank you for adding to my memories :)

  3. Thanks Gloria. I remember writing a story with others that was called a "Chain Story" and a group of of us were the authors who just added lines to the story as it went along. It was so much fun. That's great that you played that story game with your children. I'm sure with kids playing that must have had some interesting segments to it.

  4. I am glad to be reminded that my story will never end. Maybe in Heaven I will get more writing done because it seems that on earth - at least some days - I don't get much done!! I really enjoyed your thoughts.


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