August 25, 2017

The Lack of Balance by Vickie Stam

It is now midmorning and like many other mornings, not one word has been added to my collection of short stories, the ones I started writing quite a while ago.

"When you retire, you will have lots of time to write." I remember hearing this statement from a number of friends. I have yet to prove them right.  

The balance between writing and life is complicated. The two haven't seemed to merge with one another. I haven't found them to be as compatible as I had hoped. It's truly a constant battle over, today or tomorrow. Now or later. 

Deep down I would much rather swap laundry and dusting for words and sentences but the truth of the matter is that it's not as easy as it sounds. Time - the perk that I thought was waiting at the end of the retirement rainbow. The seconds, minutes and hours that stretch throughout the day don't always move in harmony with my to do list.   

My writing gets neglected whenever something comes up. Family - children, grandchildren, aging parents with health issues. Volunteer work and friends. A move to a new home. The list seems endless. Everything that makes up the dynamics of my life seems to take priority.

The one thing that I'm certain would help is attending a writing class. It keeps me on track and brings with it - a deadline. It pushes me to write. Being with other writers also encourages me to write.

I guess that should be the next task on my to do list. Find another writing class!



  1. You and me both, Vickie! That's why I'm reading and doing the program of The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron. It is helping me, I think . . .

  2. hmmm... yes, doing what needs to be done for others (laundry) and with others (writing groups) seem to make it easier to maintain our focus, but we also need to learn Discipline (oh, how I dislike that D word!) in order to do what God places before us - whether that be washing or writing.

  3. Thanks for sharing Vickie

  4. Hi Vickie! :) I'm one who is happy to say I am as busy as I want to be in "retirement." My approach to my writing has developed as a benefit for me since retirement. I make sure I schedule writing time in order to get things moving. I've told myself to write at least three mornings, and afternoons, every week. It is too easy for me to give other people my time. It is working for me. Oh, what a relief it is. :) Thank you for your message my friend. Your writing buddy is here for you.


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