August 17, 2017

Do you believe in things unseen? - by Rohadi

Writers do. We can pick floating ideas seemingly out of thin air and then...we turn them real.

Anybody can have an idea, but few people will do something about them.

What we do with those unseen ideas matter. Where most others will spend the time watching Netflix, a writer will satiate their ingrained human trait for adventure by creating.

Artists create, we execute, we produce, we ship. And it takes work.

Not only does it take work, but the craft is work, and if not treated as such, that idea, the book, the poem, the song, will never get done.

It may sound trite, but you have to, “just do it”.

The spiritual comparison would be the vicious cycle that prevents activity called “prayer”. Not prayer itself, but the excuses we use with it like, “I’ll pray about it,” which often translates into the veiled answer of, “I’ll do nothing about it.” We need to pray, “as we are going”….

When I decided to treat my writing as a job I scheduled the time as I would any other important task. It was still hard to fight resistance and do literally anything else, but adjusting my perception from hobby to profession helped me complete. It lead me to the place, through scheduled routine, where the idea planted in my head turned into a tangible work one could see, read, touch, and feel.


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  1. 'scheduled routine' is the key I think! thanks for your concise post.

  2. I like what you have to say about treating your writing as a job. As one who used to work as a reporter I relate well to that. In that position I found it 'easy' to write my articles as it was my job and I made the time for it. Now, without that position I don't find it easy at all. But in reality it is my thoughts about what I do that need to change. Thanks

    1. It won't get done any other way :P

  3. Viewing your writing as your job - good idea.
    Pam Mytroen

  4. Now as I retire from my profession I will have more "scheduled" time for my writing. Thank you Rohadi!

  5. You present such a simple shift in one's thinking. Thanks for sharing this gem, Rohadi.


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