April 26, 2017

From "Hosanna" to "He is Risen" by Marnie Pohlmann

Easter, the Christian celebration from "Hosanna" to "He is risen. He is risen indeed," has been over for more than a week now.

For some, the Easter period began with Lent, a time of sacrifice and contemplation about what Jesus' sacrifice means to us. This tradition is an opportunity for us to examine ourselves and our need of a Saviour. Did you give up something for Lent and use the time to examine your life and your relationship with God?

After Lent comes Holy Week. I read an Easter blog at www.biblegateway.com in which the writer used passages from the Gospels to explain the events leading through this week to the resurrection we celebrate.

Sunday - The triumphal entry, celebrating Jesus as the Messiah, come to save the people. “Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!”

Monday/Tuesday - Jesus challenged the money changers and taught Scripture at the Temple.

Wednesday - Judas is tempted and chose to reject Jesus' way by conspiring to force his own version of the future.

Thursday - Jesus and the disciples gathered for the Passover Meal, now known as the last supper. Jesus washed feet like a servant would. Jesus declared Himself the bread and the blood. Jesus and the disciples went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray together, but Jesus prayed alone through struggles to submission.

Friday - Betrayal, accusation, abandonment, judgment, “Crucify him,” death among thieves, “It is finished,” earthquake, burial.

Saturday - Silence and fear.

Sunday - The resurrection. New life. “He is risen. He is risen indeed!”

And Easter is complete.
We go back to work, or school, or our families. We continue to gather at church services once a week to sing worship songs.

As I looked at this week of events, I realized that if I missed contemplating my relationship with God through the time of Lent, or wished to continue that self-examination, here was another opportunity. I could take the events of each Holy Week day to ask questions about my own walk with Christ.

Sunday – Celebrating Jesus as King.
Am I following God to enjoy the good life of celebrations or am I a follower on the good days AND the bad days? Am I a Sunday-only Christian or is Christianity my way of life?

Monday/Tuesday – Money changers. Teaching at the Temple.
What does where I spend my money say about me? Does it show I am committed to God or that I am swayed by other things? These things may not be bad in themselves, and may be different for each person, but what are my priorities?
Am I learning and practicing what Scripture tells me? Am I gathering with other believers to ask questions, discuss Scripture, and test my beliefs?

Wednesday – Conspiracy.
Do I know God or am I making God be who I want Him to be, taking the parts I want but rejecting the parts of God I am uncomfortable with? Am I following God or asking God to follow me in my desires? Do I make decisions first then ask for blessing and forgiveness, rather than trusting God to guide my life?

Thursday – Passover Feast.
Am I gathering with other believers? Am I serving them and serving with them, or only expecting them to serve me?
Do I pray intimately with them or do I fall asleep?
Do I take my own struggles to God and submit to His way?

Friday – Betrayal, accusation, abandonment, judgment, death.
When troubles come, do I stand true - even in times that hurt? Am I willing to suffer pain, abandonment, and rejection to follow God through to the end of this life?

Saturday – Silence and fear.
Do I trust God in the silence or do I hide in fear? Do I wait in anticipation for His promises to be fulfilled in His time?

Sunday – He is risen!
Am I living in this physical time as though eternity and the Kingdom of God are at hand? What do I really believe about the resurrection? 

Without restored life, I remain lost. Christ's death and resurrection for our salvation has been accomplished, but our own part in the Kingdom of God is not finished. Christ is risen! How do we answer these questions presented by the events of Holy Week?

Am I a Palm Sunday “Hosanna” Christian?
Am I a “Crucify him” Christian, depending on who I am with?
Do I believe only to the point of the crucifixion death?
Am I believer in “He is risen. He is risen indeed” and do I live like I believe this?

Easter, the Christian celebration from "Hosanna" to "He is risen. He is risen indeed," has been over for more than a week now. Will the choices I make in response to this Christian season continue in my life as a testimony to the redemption given by the living God?

*photos courtesy of Pixabay.com, CCO Licence

Marnie Pohlmann writes from the beautiful northern town of Taylor, BC. Read how she responds to the risen Saviour on her blog, Phosphorescent.


  1. an excellent way to contemplate the things brought up during 'Holy week'. thanks, as always.

  2. Yes, Marnie it does seem like we go on with the normal day to day activities in life after we come down from any time of celebration. I like how you asked yourself the question about the choices you will make now that Easter is over. It serves as a good reminder for all of us.

    1. I found some of these questions quite challenging to consider!

  3. "Do I wait in anticipation for His promises to be fulfilled in His time?" My favourite line, and so timely for me. As always, Marnie, you have touched my soul. Thank you.

    1. The waiting - it's not easy!

    2. Thank you for this reminder Marnie. There is a lot of great word here for me to contemplate. For some reason deep within me the following line moved me, "Without restored life, I remain lost." That really got me to thinking about what God has done and continues to do. Thank you so much my friend!

    3. Alan, it really does come down to what we believe about the resurrection, doesn't it? Even if we believe Christ died for/with our sins, it is only because He beat death that we can have life here on earth as part of eternity. He has already restored life, and yet we are also still being restored. I like that God isn't finished with me yet :)

  4. Your searching and honest questions can stop us in our tracks and point us in the right direction, Marnie. Thank you for your thought-provoking blog and for this examination of conscience that we need before, during and after Easter.

  5. Thank you, Marnie, for sharing all of these great questions to help us examine our relationship with God every day and not just on special days and to help us contemplate the choices we make in our daily walk with Jesus.


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