April 15, 2017

Don't Pass Over Passover - Tracy Krauss

As 'New Testament' believers in Christ, we sometimes tend to 'pass over' many significant institutions from the Old Testament. Recently I've been doing a study of the Hebraic cycle of feasts and other holidays, and I've come to a new appreciation for how God used these celebrations to help His people align themselves with Him.

Take Passover, for instance. We know that this began in the time of Moses when the angel of death 'passed over' the children of Israel when they were waiting to be set free. It is significant that Jesus was in Jerusalem celebrating the Passover feast just before He was crucified. God's timing wasn't an accident or a coincidence. He knew exactly what He was doing. Jesus was, and is, our 'passover' lamb, redeeming us for all time.

What I didn't realize was that Passover takes place during the first month in the Hebraic calendar. (Not to be confused with the 'New Year' which starts in the seventh month... Confusing, I know!) This year, NISSAN, the first month, began on March 28. It is the month of 'new beginnings'; the first in the season of spring. It is a month to celebrate redemption and deliverance; taking back the land and claiming one's inheritance! Hallelujah! Now that has me excited!

Nissan is also aligned with the tribe of Judah which makes perfect sense because our Lord came from the tribe of Judah! Did you know that Judah was always the first into battle, as well? Not only did they lead, but they were to lead with songs of praise! Nissan is said to be the month when 'kings go to war' which also makes sense since we are in a spiritual battle, but God has given us His divine strategy which is go into any battle with PRAISE.

It is easy to see the hand of God in every detail. Is it any wonder that our most sacred Christian holiday - Easter - takes place during this ordained time? Jesus was and is the perfect passover lamb, securing our redemption for all eternity once and for all.

Now that is cause for praise!


  1. Catchy title, Tracy :)
    I can feel in your writing the excitement you feel about the research you have been doing. That's catchy, too! A couple ladies and I did a self-study on the Festivals a few years ago. It is fascinating, and certainly helps make our current "traditions" much more relevant and interesting.

    1. Thanks Tracy. Easter is definitely a time for praise!

  2. Thanks for sharing your research, Tracy. We have so much to learn from the Jewish culture.

  3. Thanks ! Yes me too ... I have been studying the feast . So relevant and deepens my faith and understanding of a Hebrew culture in today's Christianity !
    I think the word translation 'easter ' ( where ever that is ) is a miss translation . Every other time it is translated Passover except that one . So yes , He is our Passover lamb and was slain for us ! Beautiful freedom !!

  4. Thanks, Tracy, for "passing on" your research on the Passover. Easter is a mistranslation of a word referring to Passover in Acts 12:4 in the King James Version. See my post tomorrow that explains more about the origins of Easter.

  5. I know more about the Passover than I do about the month of Nissan or "new beginnings." I am impressed with the information of Judah leading into war and that they did so with songs of praise. Wow! Wouldn't that make their enemies stand up and take notice.

    You mention this being a month to celebrate "redemption and deliverance." That is so important in this world where we do need to put on the full armour of God and fight for what we believe.

    When you write about "taking back the land," I couldn't help but think of our farmers in Western Canada. Because of the unfortunate weather of last fall, they were unable to get their hay and grain crops harvested and sold or stored before winter. While travelling to visit family yesterday, we could see the devastating losses. We would all do well to pray for our farmers as they take back the land. Earning a living is a huge part of our faith life also, and we can't go wrong in praying for our fellow countrymen.

    Thanks, Tracy, for this encouragement for "new beginnings."


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