February 08, 2017

The Language of Love by Dayna Mazzuca

Poetry has been called the language of love. And watching my 13-year-old son squirm at the dinner table during a reading of Song of Solomon tells me this is true. So, here’s a poem—in February, the time to talk about love—for the person with whom my love of writing most often competes: my wonderful hubby who never complains when I squirrel away with my thoughts, taking only a laptop and mug of green tea for company. Yes, love comes in many forms. Thankfully, they intersect more often than not!

I Love Writing—
            by Dayna E. Mazzuca

it’s what I get to do
and just because no one but you
gets to see me—
doesn’t mean I can’t relate
to things you mention
the juices flowing in between
our idle chats
that carry back to the page
you’re reading—
yes our love is everywhere
and just because
I write and write doesn’t mean
you never see me.


  1. I'm going to read this to my hubby. :) Thanks, Dayna.

  2. Writing often expresses our deepest feelings, especially in poetry. Thanks, Dayna, for sharing this wonderful Valentine poem that you've written for your supportive hubby!

  3. I can so identify, Dayna, with your love for writing and your love for your hubby. When our husbands understand and support our writing interests, our love for both--husband and writing--can increase exponentially. I love your poem, which I too must share with the Norwegian. Thanks.

  4. Thanks, Dayna, for sharing your poem. I relate to your statement that "love comes in many forms. Thankfully, they intersect more often than not! a lovely poem." I'm often amazed at how love's forms intersect!


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