January 28, 2015


It has been a dream of mine for years. As I sat indoors on many beautiful days, I wished I could sit in my yard and write. At long last, I bought a laptop.

I must admit that it's difficult for me to get used to a laptop. Having began my computer experience with MS DOS, typing in commands seems more convenient than moving a mouse pointer around.

I eventually surrendered to Windows in 2000 when I bought a new computer. It had Windows 98, an operating system designed by a masochist. Freezes and crashes were a common occurrence as I struggled to learn this new system.

How I wish I'd switched to Windows XP sooner than 2008. It worked much better than 98 for starters. Though the command prompt was hidden in a nested directory, I made a shortcut to the desktop so I could have easy access  to it. It was most useful for scrounging files from old CD-ROMs which a friend sent me. I've now amassed a large folder of images for my blog. I also found other useful file types.

Now I'm exploring Windows 8.1 and my new laptop. Though I'm slow when it comes to adopting new technology, like the cell phone a friend gave me last year, I expect to find many new features which I should have availed myself of years ago.

My computer experiences have also given me an understanding of people who feel reluctant to become a Christian. After all, it's a totally different operating system from that of the world.  My hope is that God will work through me to help those reluctant souls to see the benefits of being a follower of Christ.


  1. Love Love LOVE the analogy, Bruce. Yes, being a Christian is a totally different operating system from the world. Now I"m taking your example a step further to ask myself, what does God's operating system offer that I'm not accessing because I'm afraid to try the upgrades? What might happen if I read those complicated parts of His Operators Manual?

    Great image. It's well stuck in my brain. Thank you!

  2. Bruce, I too started working on computers back in the MS-DOS days. Technology changes so fast it is hard, and expensive, to keep up with it.
    God's operating system does not change, yet we still seem to have a difficult time accessing the Truths that will change our lives.
    Unlike computers, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried” – G. K. Chesterton
    May your light to the lost shine brighter this year as you write in the sun, and in the Son.

  3. My computer history is just like yours except I went back and bought an external floppy disk drive. Easier than recopying all my files.

    I love your application. The best part is we. as Christians, tech support 24/7 and an excellent users manual.

  4. great comparison between reluctance to change technology and reluctance to give Jesus a chance!

  5. Great post. I also like your analogy of the computer experience and the reluctant Christian.

  6. I connect with technology and spirituality comparisons. Thanks for the post!

  7. I love your computer analogy here! What a great way to put the reluctance of non-believers into perspective. When I first started using computers I really needed support and encouragement to figure it out. This analogy inspires me to empathize with the non-believer in a new way.
    Thanks Bruce!

  8. Enjoy sitting outdoors with your laptop--and God's creation. So inspirational.


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