January 27, 2015

The Only Way To Know What Lies Ahead by Melanie Fischer

I remember the days when us kids would hop in the box of pickup-trucks and go for a ride. That was in the age when it was not illegal but equally a bad idea.

It was so exciting to gaze over the tailgate and watch the trees and signs wiz past the back of my head. I would then lock my eyes on a particular object and become fascinated with watching it come into focus as we moved further away.

Life tends to work in the same way. It whirls experiences by our head that can only be brought into focus by moving past them. How could we possibly know the positive impact of our painful experience unless we move beyond it? How would we see the blessings within a loss without moving through it? How could the reason for a period of excruciating pain possibly come into perspective until we become far enough away from it that we can see it clearly? It is not until we move past the object that we can focus on it and understand what the purpose of it was.

When in the back of the truck, I could have turned around and watched that same object through the windshield. What a different perspective that would have been. I would have known what was coming, perhaps it would have spoiled my fun though. Things seemed to come much slower when looking ahead rather than seeing what unfolded behind. And what if we stopped or turned? The object that I anticipated seeing would have never come into full view.

If I have learned anything from looking back, it is that it rarely looks the same as it did when I was looking ahead. If all things came to us the way we “planned”, we would never experience hardships and blunders. We don’t fill our dreams with hurdles, or pepper our plans with hurts, although, it is the bumps in the road that makes life an interesting ride.

If we are trusting that Christ is in charge, then we are trusting that we are going where He intends for us to go. It is up to us to pray for direction then move ahead. It is when we do that we are rewarded by getting to look behind and watch the past unfold.

We can set goals, have dreams, and look ahead. But the only way that we will know for certain what lies ahead, is by moving forward then looking back.


  1. "If I have learned anything from looking back, it is that it rarely looks the same as it did when I was looking ahead." You make a strong case for introspection, Mel. As you make clear, we need to do it through the Lord's eyes, and not our own. Great post!

  2. So true....we never set ourselves up for failure but it happens but with God's help we can pick ourselves up and move on. We grow from it.

  3. Nice post Mel. I remember those days, too, and you make a good point. The old saying hindsight is 20/20 applies.

  4. Ahhh... the sights (and smells) of traveling in danger! I relate to your analogy - fun days.
    When my husband first took me out hunting, he taught me to pause and look at how we had come, so in an emergency I could find my way out - you are so right that things look different coming than going. Your reminder that it is good to look back is important, even if we know we will be looking back at bad/sad times. Those are the times that give us courage and wisdom when we walk forward. Thanks, Mel!

  5. Well done Melanie. I like to plan and look ahead , but I am fully aware that God is in control and can change my plans at any time.
    God bless.

  6. I remember those days too Melanie having grown up on the farm. We would ride in the back of Dads half ton and run on the roof tops of the pig barn just to name a few things we did as kids. Now I look back and wonder how we survived! Lol

  7. Melanie wrote, "But the only way that we will know for certain what lies ahead, is by moving forward then looking back."

    Well said! A motto to live by.

  8. Thank you all for your feedback, I truly appreciate it!

  9. Thanks Melanie. I too think it's important to look ahead, trusting what God will do AND also to look back and see what God has done. I love how He transcends past, present AND future.

  10. I just enjoyed one of those bumpy rides with you in my memories of once or twice doing the same, wind blowing the hair and all! Thanks for the great image to give perspective to the fun of trusting our guide and enjoying the ride.


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