November 17, 2014

IN TIME OF NEED Bryan Norford

Ann and I felt a call of God into full time ministry which eventually culminated in pastoring churches in Burnaby, British Columbia. But to do that, we also felt the need to take some full time training, and I attended Regent College in Vancouver for over two years to achieve a Master of Divinity degree. My wife, and life’s closest companion, Ann, provided indispensable support and assistance.
Our plans were to finance ourselves for at least two years by selling our home, but the house was slow selling. We needed a temporary home in Vancouver, and found a low rental apartment in False Creek Close to kindergarten. Our youngest daughter, Alexandra, was four years old. It wasn’t long before we ran short of the cash we had on hand.
God provided for us in two surprising ways. One of the instructors at the Regent College was moving out of a house he had rented for some time and suggested we might rent it. It was close to the new school Alexandra was ready to attend. The owners were Christians and rented it to us for a generously low figure. Then, Ann was led to a buyer in Vancouver for our house on the prairies, who bought it privately, sight unseen, just as our funds dried up.

The equity we obtained from the house sale enabled us to invest in guaranteed investment certificates for two years. The timing of that investment was remarkable. Interest rates in 1980 had climbed to record highs, mortgage rates reaching 20% and higher. We received interest of over 16%. Compare that to today’s 2%!
The very next day after making that investment, interest rates began a fast free fall to much lower levels; we had received a peak yield from our investment. With money Ann was able to make by running her own small secretarial business and over $600 per month return on our investment, we had sufficient funds to see us through our time at college. God provided for us for our entire period of financial need.
Wouldn’t we all like to forecast markets like that? A risky business for us, but God used His foreknowledge to His advantage and our need. And we still had our capital to invest in a home once I was working again—this time in full-time ministry.
In common with other InScriber stories to date, and numerous other great and small interventions in our life, we constantly gather further proof of God’s continued grace and care throughout life. If we can trust Him here, we can trust Him for eternity. What a blessed hope.
Bryan Norford



  1. Thanks for this testament of how God helped you through your years of theological education. May he continue to bless the two of you and your ministry.

  2. Don't you just love it when God provides like that? My husband and I have a similar story when he decided to go back to Bible college. When God is in it, we never have to worry.

  3. The longer we walk with Jesus, the more stories we gather like this. My prayers are always for those new in the faith, or newly trusting the Lord instead of themselves as they take what, in the world, is a foolish chance, but in God's economy, is obedience to the Master.

    We often hear stories like this from the pulpit, Bryan, but they're usually set in the 1800's based on some orphanage and its need. Hearing from a real person who's still alive makes it much more believable. Thx for sharing. :)

  4. Thanks for encouraging us to continue trusting in our ever faithful God by sharing your story, Bryan.

    When I was at Prairie we used to have "Sing 'n Shares" monthly - times to share what God was doing in our lives and worship Him in song. I think we need to make this a regular practice in our adult lives too!

  5. What an encouragement, Bryan!


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