November 27, 2014

Building a Memorial of God’s Goodness by Melanie Fischer

If I was given a brick every time the Lord revealed His goodness in my life, what a monument I could build!

BRICK: I got into my car after picking up groceries. I spotted a lady walking across the parking lot, heading to her car with a bouquet of flowers. Instantly I contemplated going back inside to purchase a bundle of spring petals. I hesitated though, knowing that flowers was not a wise purchase at this time. I decided to pray for them instead. The next day, at the end of the Sunday service, one of the ladies walked right up to me and asked if I would like the floral arrangement that decorated the front of the church. “Yes, yes I would” I replied.

BRICK: My daughter sat nervously waiting to take her driver’s test. I prayed in my head for the Lord to hold her in His hands. Without skipping a beat, “Daddy’s Hands” began to play through the speakers.

BRICK: I was growing weary of my current job and desperately wanted to know if this was what I was to continue to do, or if there was something else that I was being called to. I then petitioned for the Lord to make it obvious if He was releasing me from these works. Within moments, my phone “dinged” with a text from a friend asking if she could hire me for a writing project.

BRICK: An unexpected insurance bill came in the mail. It was only $35, but money was really tight at the time, and even that amount was a stretch. I had a peace about it though and trusted that the Lord would take care of it. Sure enough, out of the blue, we received a rebate cheque in the mail from our phone company for the exact amount.

BRICK: I had a heavy conviction on my heart to take better care of my body. As I filled up my glass bowl with leftovers, I prayed that the Lord would teach me what size of portions I should have. I then put my bowl into the microwave for a couple minutes. I pulled out the steaming hot food, and as I lifted it up, I bumped the side of the microwave. The bowl then literally split in half, spilling a good part of my food onto the floor.

BRICK: The missionary focus that Sunday was on an African village that was struggling to survive. The stories of extreme poverty and starvation left me hungry to help. Money was tight though, so I was unsure if I was able to give. I felt a strong nudge to put my grocery money into the offering plate. I took a deep breath and trusted that the Lord would provide. I drove straight home after church because I was expecting company. The family member who came for a visit was already parked out front of my house. As I walked over to give her a hug she told me that she needed help carrying some bags inside. She opened her trunk and doors to reveal a car packed with groceries. She said that her church prayed for a family to bless. We were on their hearts. AMEN!

It may be argued by some that the Lord’s hand cannot be seen, but the wake that the brush of His hand leaves behind certainly is visible. A memorial which is built in dedication of the goodness that God pours upon our lives is one that will never cease in being built.


  1. I loved this! God is so good - He always makes a way, whether it be in small ways or big ways. We all should tske the time to make a list of times when God has done these things for us. I have had many similar experiences.

  2. Thanks for your timely reminder.

  3. Wow what a wonderful testimony of Gods love and faithfulness!

  4. Cool stories. God is good!

  5. Melanie, I appreciated every word of this piece. For every brick you laid, I could relate - God's provision, God's assurance, God's leading, and especially God's sense of humour. I laughed out loud at the broken bowl. It is so good to know that God isn't throwing bricks at us to harm us, but offering what we need to build a sure foundation in Him.
    Thanks for recognizing these events as bricks to build with, and for sharing these examples of His love.

  6. Melanie,
    I haven't had much time to read posts lately. When yours popped up this morning in my mailbox I was intrigued. What an excellent, glorifying God post!
    It reminds me of "Hand me another Brick" - a book I had read about Nehemiah.
    Praying blessings upon you as you write for Him.

  7. Loved your post, Melanie, and all the wonderful bricks in your monument! He's SO good and I just love hearing your stories. I've got lots of my own stories that I delight in thinking about and sharing.

    Brenda :)

  8. What a monument indeed!! Melanie, I always enjoy reading your posts. Your words always inspire me to see things in a different light. Never stop writing. God has gifted you for sure.

  9. Great encouraging lessons, Mel. The catch, though, is that wouldn't have needed most of these God gifts had you been flush with money or working in a comfy job. I gathered bricks in the same way, and I had to decide did I want comfort so I could coast, or did I want to be in need to I could see God in action?

    We really have to figure that out, don't we?

    (I bet you could sell regular 'brick stories' to a publication - newspaper, magazine. Very encouraging!)

  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments, you are all so encouraging! How blessed we are to have opportunities to share how God works in our life. Blessings to you all!

  11. I too love your brick monument Melanie. I have many such bricks too, more than one that even saved my kids lives or others. God is amazing and I wonder why I so quickly forget it? Thanks for your reminder.

  12. Yes, Mel, your bricks should encourage each of us to acknowledge the blessings God bestows on us when we love him and trust him to answer our prayers and meet our needs. Thanks for sharing these great God stories.


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