October 23, 2014

FEAR - To Run or To Rise by Terrie Lynne

Recently, I came upon a quote by Zig Ziglar:

" F-E-A-R has two meanings:

'Forget Everything And Run' or
'Face Everything And Rise.'

The choice is yours".

I have to admit I've acted upon this quote at different times in my life. I know there have been times in the past when I have felt afraid to write what was really on my heart because of fear - real or imagined - of other peoples' opinions, backlashes or facing my own pain. But then there have been times I have trusted my heart, rising instead of running. 

When I write I try to balance having compassion and respect for others’ beliefs and opinions while not losing my own convictions. When I finish writing something, I'll set it aside then go back later to read what I've written, giving myself a chance to think and to see if what I am writing is from my head or from my heart. If I still feel a conviction in my heart and believe it's going to be beneficial, either to someone out there or even just for my own personal growth, I will post it.
I believe that there is healing in our writing and that it is a way for our voices to be heard.  The pen is our “microphone" and the paper our “stage”. Our audience is the readers. I heard it said that what we do, we do for an audience of One, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Which is the most important voice of all! So whenever I write, I try not to let my fears get the best of me or keep me from being true to my Savior and to myself. I hope you too will be encouraged to do the same. 
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  1. an excellent and encouraging post Terrie!

  2. Thanks Terrie,
    I want to remember those fear acronyms.
    Amen to writing and speaking for the Audience of One!

  3. I love your analogy: The pen is the microphone, the paper the stage. It makes my rocking chair and laptop seem greater somehow!

    Great post!

  4. Thanks for the challenge, Terri. And for reminder that we always have a choice.

  5. That quote of Zig Ziglar's reminds me of another saying often mentioned when it comes to situations we interpret as fearful ones ... going into 'fight or flight' modes.

    We can choose to stay or flee. Like you I want to stay with my writing and not let fear be lord. Nope, we don't have to run off like frightened deer.

    So good to see you here again, Terrie!

    Brenda L.

  6. Thank you for the encouraging comments!!
    Terrie Lynne


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