July 10, 2014

Writing Outside the Boxes by Sharon Espeseth

Last month, when we were too busy downsizing and preparing for a move to a smaller rental property, I just wrote from the heart, as our moderator suggested. That was the only way I could meet my blog due date. I made no attempt to follow the month's theme.

One corner of my new office
This month I'd planned to be on theme, but having squished ourselves into our new home ten days ago, I have no idea where Brenda's guidelines might be. Skipping through the last few days' blogs, I discover the theme is something about writing outside the box. What an amazing coincidence. I am writing outside not just the box, but outside many boxes.

Hank and I have faced many challenges and several not so enjoyable surprises in our new home. We have scrubbed and fixed more than we expected, and we've tried to turn a dandelion patch with rocks and thistle into a recognizable grass format. The neighbours are pleased.

Although Hank and I have shared our treasures and furnishings with our kids and organized antiques and household items for an auction, we still still seem to have too much stuff for the size of our present home. Downsizing our household workload now seems to be a laughable dream. Instead we are renting more work to bring this place more in line with our way of doing things.

We question our decision, but we know we can't go back to the dream house we designed and had built. Instead of whining and second guessing, I am going to continue my blog with a note of gratitude. Moving was our own decision, so what we do from here is up to us. We haven't been forced out of our lovely home by flood, fire, poverty or war. We were not left to move on our own. Our family and friends worked with us. Those who couldn't physically help prayed for us, as they knew we were struggling.

Our daughters and their husbands came several weekends to help before we moved. Son-in-law Donnie installed a central vacuum system and helped with many fixing jobs in our new home. Son-in-law Rob drove from Leduc to Medicine Hat to borrow his brother's trailer. Then these fellows lugged big pieces of furniture up and down stairs. Hank and I had made many loads of boxes and smaller things with our van, but it appeared we had only scratched the surface. Christie and Jenny cleaned and hauled and encouraged us in every way. Last week the crew was here for three days. We are so thankful for their loving support.
Empties are good news!

Although our house presently looks like hoarders live here, we've put out a lot of empty boxes and our
possessions are gradually finding suitable places. We do have a home and we'll make this work, or else the kids say they'll come and move us again. Foxes have homes and the birds have nests, but the Son of Man had nowhere to rest his head. We have a roof over our heads and a good bed to sleep on. Thanks be to God.

Some days we feel uncertain about what is best for us in the future, but we do know the One who holds the future, so surely He will guide us through this wilderness of boxes and uncertainty. In the beginning of time, God made order out of chaos. With His help, we hope to do the same. I praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Soon I'll be writing about something other than downsizing and moving. Just you wait and see! Living and writing outside the boxes, I want to express thanks to God for our faith, family and friends, and for my forever husband, helper and friend, Hank.


  1. Thanks for sharing about your chaos. I'm sure you will get everything organized in time. Time is something else that God holds in his hands not always the same way we see it. Best wishes to you in your new home and I look forward to hearing more stories about this huge undertaking. God is walking you through this transition!

  2. Good job writing outside the "boxes." Yes, I'm sure the chaos too, will pass and that your new place will feel more like home. May God continue to give you that joyful attitude in the days, weeks and months ahead.

  3. I appreciate how you have chosen to have a good attitude about your move. It's tempting to second guess and wonder what might have happened if we had taken a different road, but that is not fruitful. Your gratitude is so uplifting!

  4. Thanks, VIckie, Connie, and Michelle for reading my blog and offering encouragement for my writing and the process of moving and downsizing.

    Due to our present situation, I haven't been faithfully reading all the good InScribe blogs this last while. I hope to get back to it now, as I do find them interesting, challenging, understanding, supportive, and prayerfully written. Bless you all. Amen.

  5. Oh, Sharon, I can so relate to that. We moved at least twenty times in forty years. My daughter gave me a candle holder that stated, "Home is where your story begins." Writing Outside the Boxes is a great beginning. New home, new stories.

  6. Thanks for your understanding and your comment, Carol. You've outdone me in household moves. Did you ever find a formula to make it more palatable? I like your idea about New home, New Stories. May you be where you are meant to be, my writing friend.

  7. Hello Sharon. I think you should write a column and call it, "Writing Outside the Box". Well done. I love your honesty and your attitude. You acceptance of 'just where you are' is an inspiration. Happy settling in! Blessings, Glynis


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