July 06, 2014

True Confessions from an Addled [Squirrel] Brain

by Glynis M. Belec

I don't think I have any trouble stepping out of my comfort zone with regard to my writing. My problem is trying to focus on any particular genre. I love writing - period. I have a brain that jumps all over the place most days and if the mood strikes me, then I write about it.

I will admit that for a split second, when someone asks me what I write, my brain goes into panic mode. I've been writing for [gasp] almost 28 years now. Still there are days when I don't really know what kind of a writer I am. Because I have had three children's books published I start out thinking I am a children's writer. Then I write short stories Hot Apple Cider and Chicken Soup for the Soul style. Then I remember my devotional writing and my newspaper column, then I think about the novel I have on the go and the magazine articles I write. Writing Sunday school material is fun. Creating dramatic works feeds my inner drama queen tendencies. Now I have started up a little publishing company that requires I write copy and that opens up a whole new part of the writing process for me.

So for me to step out and write something different - that's not much of a challenge. My challenge lies in sticking to one thing.

Lest my writers buddies think I am complaining and confused, I'm not, really - well most days. I like that I write all over the place. However, it's not such a good thing when it comes to branding and marketing and setting up social media - that likes to define who we are. When I have to write a bio I have to be careful not to prattle on.

I must say that over the years, because I have written in many different genres, I have actually found a voice that I like and a style to which people respond to best. I wrote a column for over eleven years in our local newspaper - a fun, folksy, inspirational, humorous content column. It's where I started and now, so many years later it's where I still love to be with my writing. I am no profound theologian, nor am I particularly a brainiac [don't tell my students I told you that] so for me to try to write academic works makes me yawn. I admire people who research and would be the first to encourage them in their craft, but my heart is in writing the everyday.

I've talked to God about this aplenty. I believe He knows my attention span and my squirrel tendencies to shift from thought to thought so has given me the passion to write short.

Git' her done, is my motto most days. Already, within the past 15 minutes of this writing, I have texted my son, flipped to another blog to check that it is up to date and then looked at my to-do list. I also checked my email and flipped to Facebook for a quick peek.

Now, as I write this post, I wonder why I am doing so. I am thinking that I am already straying away from our lovely Moderator's instructions to help people write outside of the box. My insecurities whisper that no one is going to get anything out of me being a rebel.

Then I feel a little God-whisper telling me that it's okay to confess that I am who I am. And I also have a little niggle that tells me that I am not alone in my 'style.' I'm thinking that there might be another squirrel or two out there who just might find comfort knowing they are not alone.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.  PSALM 139:14



  1. Glynis, (I can't resist;) I KNEW you were a little nuts! okay, truly, kidding aside. I think you are gifted with a passion for helping people and you are so busy putting others before yourself that you feel scattered but your simply Jesus with skin on! Love you and miss you at our writing group, but understand. Keep being the you God created you to be:)

  2. I soooooo get it! You're not the only one in the nut house.

  3. Janet - thanks for the confirmation of my nuttiness! And I sure did miss you guys on Friday.
    Tracy - sweet relief. There is comfort in numbers!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I think your character captured a little bit of something in most writers. Loved your honesty!

  5. Hi Glynis:
    It must be so satisfying to find your writing pattern that people respond to.
    Something I guess I need to work on: to find a balance between what comes naturally and the voice that readers actually hear.

  6. i think it's great that you like your voice, and comfortable being only slightly addled :)

  7. Your voice rings loud and clear all the way out to Saskatchewan, Glynis, and has always captured my attention!


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