July 26, 2014

The Writing Conference Blog Hop (Bonnie Way)

For a decade, the last weekend in September was reserved on my calendar for the Inscribe Christian Writer's Fellowship's annual Fall Conference. When I went to my first conference in 2000, I knew I'd found a family of writers, and I went back again every year for the encouragement and inspiration I found there. Every year, I found myself returning home ready to keep writing.

Since then, I've had the chance to attend a few other conferences, including The Word Guild's first two Write! Vancouver conferences. This weekend, I'm actually at BlogHer14 in San Jose, California, networking with bloggers and brands and learning more about that genre of writing.

I thought this would be a fun space to share our blog posts about what conferences we've attended (or would like to attend) or about any tips for going to writing conferences. Feel free to link up your posts (old or new) below.

And don't forget that ICWF's Fall Conference is still happening the last weekend of September - that's exactly two months away! This year, Phil Callaway is coming back as the keynote speaker and I can assure you, from hearing him speak in 2000, that he's a lot of fun! Check out the conference trailer and find out more details on the ICWF website.


  1. Bonnie,

    Thanks so much for heading up this Blog Hop about our writing conference experiences. I look forward to reading what people share.

    This is open to anyone who wants to share their writing conference experiences. Just write a post on your own blog and then link its URL here on this post.

    You are also welcome to leave comments in the comment box.


    Blog Moderator

  2. I'll join you on some of these blog hops, Bonnie, when I get my own blog set up. I'm just not there yet. Good idea to have a blog on attending conferences. I too am looking forward to the InScribe Fall Conference. Thanks,

  3. Great idea. I had wanted to participate since I have some thoughts on the value of conferences, but alas... I was on vacation - also a valuable time!


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