July 07, 2014

God’s Love Language – Ramona Heikel

In an attempt to write in a different genre than usual, I took some ideas and changed them from a blog post to a poetic format. Although you can see I have a long way to go with this genre, I hope the sentiments come through as well as, or even better than, the original.

Heavenly Love Languages

The Wizard of Oz, hiding,
Booming out angry threats,
Frightening with pretended power.
No, Beloved, that isn’t You.

Dystopian ruler, controlling,
Dispatching cruel robot guards:
Keep those people in line!
But this kind of world isn’t Yours.

Inventing and strategizing,
Commanding wayward humans,
Spiritual electric fences and dog collars
Are too harsh to be your way.

Bidding, you draw us, reaching,
Drawing your precious people,
Emmanuel on earth, the Holy Spirit
Wanting time with us, offering your attention.

Yes, you gave your Son, willing,
Now you give the indwelling Spirit,
Even giving talents, ministry, family, all we need,
Loving us with carefully chosen gifts.

Genesis-creation, populating, providing,
Israel-leading, establishing, blessing,
Your prophets warning, teaching,
All these your compassionate acts of service.

Gentle rays of sun on our skin, warming,
Spongy carpet of moss in the forest,
Red velvet petals, cool springs of water,
You are physically near, touching us.

Speaking the truth, writing,
Guiding scribes thousands of years,
Precious preserved scrolls
Offering your eternal affirming words.

Speaking through all your languages, loving,
Never-ending reminders of your affection
On earth as in heaven.
Yes, Beloved, we know this is you.

Posted by Ramona


  1. Wow:
    I envy your choices of words. I'm no poet, but resonate with the images you evoke.
    Keep up the progress, you have a gift of picture writing.

  2. This is really nice, Ramona. I like how it progresses through time, and I like your stanza about nature - beautiful!
    Pam Mytroen

  3. Well that took me on a refreshing journey. Well done, Ramona. Good for you for giving it a try. I would say, like Bryan indicated, that you have a bit of a masterful picture writing happening. Thanks for this.

  4. Oh my, how sweet you all are! Thank you for the encouragement.


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