March 03, 2014

Too Much - Too Much by Janis Cox

Sometimes it seems to be too much - too many posts, too much to read, too much to see and do.

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What do I do?

STOP - and breathe

Then offer a prayer to our Lord. Seek Him. Rest in Him.

As His peace surrounds me I know that all of this doesn't really matter. My connection with God matters more than anything else.

My focus has been on prayer for the past two months. I have been reading three great books:

The Power of Persistent Prayer by Cindy Jacobs
Not a Fan by Kyle Idelman
The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

Then  - what does God do? He sends my hubby and me to a church where Mark Batterson is preaching. Wow!

Then - what does God do? He sends my hubby and me to another church where there is a 6 week study on the Prayer of Jabez.

Every day is something new. Every day I watch how God is working and am blessed so much.

So whatever is going on around you - STOP - breathe and take time to talk to God. He will centre you and bring you back to where He wants you.

If you have never used your mind to place yourself before God, begin to do it now (Oswald Chambers, Feb 11).

Today I forgot to post to Inscribe - so this is one more task on my list for today. But that's okay because God allowed me to tell you exactly what is on my heart.

Don't forget to connect with Him  - LOTS.

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Have a great week.


  1. Perfect timing, as usual. Stop. Breathe. And the reminder that none of the information glut really matters.

    Thanks Janis

  2. You got that right Bobbi. LIsten to God and not the rest of the world. AMEN.

  3. Oh my. What a timely reminder for me, Jan. Thanks.

  4. This is such a good reminder. Sometimes it takes a 'shock' to make us realize that many of the things we fill our day with really don't matter that much in terms of eternity.

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  6. Oooops, my spelling is bad on this iPad so I had to remove that first comment because it didn't make sense! Anyways, thank you for your timely comments, Jan. I am finally able to breathe deeply again after the worst flu ever so your thoughts really caught my eye about breathing in Jesus.


  7. A couple weeks ago, a friend and I attended a retreat day at Star of the North Retreat Centre in St. Albert. Sandy Prather was speaking on Wayne Muller's book called "A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough." This was a timely message, and his is a book I'll have to track down, as I have much to learn in this arena.

  8. Thanks Glynis, Tracy, Pam and Sharon,
    I talk to myself about this too. Never let things around us get the better of us. If we trust God to be in control He will help us out of deadlines, troubles, and everything else.
    And really does any of that really matter - What God has planned does matter and we must stop and listen to Him.

    And Pam - I understand the IPAD thing. I have one but don't like typing or doing anything but reading on it.

    Thanks again,

  9. Janis, Thanks for sharing how God is at work in your life. I posted the other day about how I had to stop and force myself to breathe - physically and spiritually. I'm thankful God is there to empower us to do His calling.

    By the way, I have a hard case with an external keyboard for my iPad (my iPad looks like a mini computer with the iPad sitting upright and the keyboard on my lap). I enjoy writing on my iPad now :)

  10. Ruth,
    Yes I could not do all this without God leading and guiding me. People say I am busy - but really I have lots of time to just do what I feel God has called me to do.
    And yes that external keyboard might be on the "to purchase" list. I don't like my IPAD the way it is now. How big is the external keypad - easy to pack?

  11. I'm so glad we can run to Him when it all seems too much.

    And we can once again focus our eyes on His beautiful face rather than all the other stuff, that in the end probably won't matter all that much.

    Anything that is temporal is subject to change.

    Thanks for your prayer in the middle of it all, Janis!

    Blessings back to you,
    Blog Moderator

  12. Brenda,
    Thanks for your kind words. A prayer in the midst of turmoil. Exactly what God tells us to do.
    Praying that I will be able to meet you in person at the conference in September.


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