November 21, 2013

Who Am I?- Sulo Moorthy

I love to paint pictures, but I use no brush

I sprinkle seeds to take root, but I'm neither a farmer nor a gardener

I do cut and chop at times, but never in the kitchen

I produce talking snakes and flying pigs out of thin paper, but I'm no magician

I travel many places without leaving my seat, but I'm not a heavenly being

I sit, stare and sigh most my working hours, yet no one dares to fire me

I receive no pension nor a monthly salary, yet I choose not to quit my work
Others know me by my voice rather than my face

I marvel at others' work, but my very own I tend to doubt a lot

Silk and scent do not entice me as books and blogs do

I hold a wealth that counts so much, yet others see me as poor and unemployed

I call my work a ministry, but I do not work within the church

Who Am I?


  1. Grinning from ear to ear, yet also shedding a little tear! you nailed it. Write on, dear writer:)

  2. Thanks Janet. I was thinking of winding down,but your words give me no choice, but to keep writing.You too keep writing!

  3. This is beautifully written, Sulo. I think I have the same job you do! And I'm grinning too! Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. Thanks Sharon. Aren't we blessed to work for the same Boss?

  5. This is lovely, Sulo - and so true :-)

  6. Priceless! this is so clever and so TRUE!

  7. What an enjoyable read! Very well written and very true :)

  8. Thanks Ladies for your encouraging comments.

  9. You're a writer! :) I like this post, Sulo.


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