November 13, 2013

Permission to Write by T. L. Wiens

Sometimes with life whirling all around me, I feel guilty about sitting at my computer and writing. It feels selfish and unproductive. Then one month of the year lifts all those feelings--November.

I've taken part of Nanowrimo for several years. It frees me to create. I don't feel guilty about not editing another piece or keeping the house as clean as I could. This month is for me and my need to get words on paper.

They aren't useless words or a waste of time. Although I admit writing is somewhat of a personal therapy for me, it is also a ministry. When I get those phone calls or letters from people that thank me for writing a book or story, I know I'm doing what God called me to do.

In a world where everyone is told people don't read anymore, it can be hard to keep at it. Yet, every time I do a presentation at school, these students in general, like to write and read. That pushes me on. I hope it's an encouragement to all writers out there. After all, before a movie or television show ever comes to be, a writer has put it down on paper.


  1. You know, when you mention that guilt thing, you're certainly not alone in those feelings. We recognize them too and keep fighting them off as you are doing.

    Surely that is an enemy tactic to get God's scribes off track. What if Paul or Peter or John had heeded that -- we might not have those wonderful letters that have been handed down through the generations for our edification and encouragement.

    You're right...they aren't useless words or a waste of time.

    So, Tammy, enjoy the rest of your Nanowrimo experience this month. Blessings on ya!


  2. I just read a blog post from Jeff Goins addressing the idea of dreams not being ours to keep; we are given them so we can act on it in order to make this world a better place. I believe that writing is the same way. Writing isn’t primarily for us. Perhaps if we remember that it is a service to others rather than a selfish act the stench of guilt will dissipate.

  3. I enjoy Jeff Goins writing, Melanie. I rarely feel guilty about writing, though. I am more apt to feel guilty when NOT writing...

  4. I notice the comments above are all from women. We women feel guilty if we do, guilty if we don't write. And we can't be guilty on both counts.

    Do you men out there have any thoughts on this?

    Let's remind ourselves that God is calling/nudging us every day--sometimes it is to bake pies for our family or neighbours; sometimes it is to write our God-given thoughts and experiences to reach out to people, to help them, to bring light to them.

    Thanks for your thought-provoking blog, Tammy.

  5. I feel frustrated that all of my online promotion is for naught. No matter how many tweets and status updates I send about my book and no matter how many blogs I write, I haven't accomplished much. If I could, I'd love to just write for the fun and joy of it, not because I need to get my book noticed. I feel guilty whether I write or promote. One thing always leaves the other undone. I'm tempted to quit for a while until I feel like putting my shoulder to the bolder again.


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