October 11, 2013

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know - Connie Inglis

For the past year and a half I have been reading through the Bible. I know. I know. You're probably thinking, Wow, it sure is taking her a long time.  But I am reading with specific focus and God has used it as an inspiration in my poetry. 

One of my favourite characters in the Old Testament is Elijah, mostly because he is so human and yet used by God so mightily. And one of my favourite stories is found in I Kings 19 where Elijah flees for his life out of fear. Yet, God doesn't rebuke him. Instead, in love and tenderness, He feeds him and then speaks to him, NOT in the wind or the earthquake or the fire but in a still, small and ever-so-gentle voice. Oh, how God loved Elijah.

With that same tenderness and gentleness, He loves me too. He loves you too. He loves ALL of mankind too.

I am almost done reading the whole Bible and have come to a greater understanding of the Author--an Author who is our perfect example of how to thread themes throughout not just one book but 66 books. One theme begs to be heard: GOD LOVES HUMANITY. He desires that we shout it from the rooftops, that we sing it from the stages, that we write it in our books. 

So, brave writer, be encouraged today. Jesus loves you, whether you are afraid or at peace. He loves you. He loves us all.

Here is my poem written as an ode to Elijah:

Windstorm. Earthquake. Fire.
Cease. Stillness becomes power.
Empty I crumble,
humbled by Your strength. Presence.
Gently You whisper my name. 



  1. Connie,

    Welcome to InScribe Writers Online and congrats on your first post up!

    What stood out for me as I read your piece was how the Author provides us, as writers, with such a perfect example of how to thread our themes throughout our stories.

    Thank you SO much for sharing with us today.


  2. PS.

    Connie, I didn't think it was a long time at all. ;o)

    I like the idea of reading with a specific focus -- how much richer your reading and pondering must have been for you. I do that too sometimes.


  3. Very nice, Connie. The idea that God loves humanity is so easily forgotten in the midst of theological discussions, on-line Twitter and blog arguments and some of the excesses of the Church, both past and present. However, God is determined to reveal the love of Christ to the world through his people, despite our weaknesses. I'm thankful that he never gives up on us.

  4. This resonates deeply as I have meditated on this piece of scripture over and over again; in fact it is written on my bathroom mirror in Sharpie. Thank you for the encouragement.

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