August 05, 2013

InScribers Review: Little Copper Pennies

Author: Susan Harris
Publisher: FriesenPress, 2012

Review by Vivia Oliver

Susan Harris has done a great job of outlining the history of the Canadian penny. By giving it the appropriate name of “Copper”, she personalized this little piece of money that has been present in our country for one hundred and fifty five years.

The little copper penny was first made in 1858, in England. Then in 1908 it was made in Canada for the first time and continued until 2012.

Many people have heard the tales of 'a penny for your thoughts' or 'your two cents worth'. How many of you have dropped pennies in wishing wells, or fountains, or put them on the railroad tracks to see if the train could flatten them?

Susan tells many tales in her book of the fun things and the interesting things that pennies were used for and how it will live on in our history for many years to come.

She pieced the facts of production into the stories to keep us aware of reality. A good read for all generations of Canadians.

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  1. interesting! This is a part of our history that will soon be 'history'


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