April 03, 2013

What is My New Role as a Published Author? - Janis Cox

Life has changed since I published Tadeo Turtle last fall.

 My learning curve has exponentially increased.

It is a good thing that I am taking tap dance lessons at the same time. I have found that learning new dances through my feet helps my brain develop faster. Also I am memorizing Scripture (or trying to).

Because what happens when you become a published author? People expect more of you. The first question they ask is, "When is your next book?". Right - I just want to get this one born and crawling first.

I have been blogging since 2008 - lightly - no real following, a few friends. Fun.

All of a sudden what I say has to have "value". More prayer goes into each post. More thought. Lots of pictures.

Here are a few of the things I have done since publishing Tadeo Turtle:

1. Made a self-hosted blog www.janiscox.com
2. Made 2 Facebook pages - one for me and one for Tadeo
3. Made a Pinterest page
4. Joined Twitter and Hootsuite.

Then I started to learn about Platform, Podcasting, Social Networking.

My head is full.

Then came TAX TIME. My hubby says, "Okay give me all the information for your expenses and all your income." HUH? You want what?

I had a little book with the number of books sold (and to whom). I add receipts stuffed into an envelope. Now I had to make an Excel Spreadsheet and put all of this into some sort of organization.

Finally I had it figured out.

But this year  - 2013 I started out better. I now have a book with a page for sales; a page for books sent out for review or gifts. I know I should do that on computer - but I am on this computer so much I like to do something in pen. That's why I do watercolour too!!!

I now have a folder that holds the receipts and each section is labelled (postage, supplies, business fees, purchase of goods, advertising, travelling expenses) so I stick each receipt in the correct section. That will make it easier come tax time when I make the Excel Spreadsheet.

But yes it is fun. It is exciting and I am learning so much. Do I have it all organized? Absolutely not.

But I have learned something very important. None of this matters as much as watching what God is doing and following Him there. I am not so tied to my "work" that I can't make excursions when God tells me to.

Breathe. Yes that is what I do best. I find that no matter what I do I must breathe in the breath of the Holy Spirit. When I think I have no strength left - He does. I start my day always with God. He is the steadying factor for each day.

One thing I want to tell all bloggers - please put your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, RSS feeds - all of that at the top of your page. More people will link on those icons if you don't hide them.

Janis, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published a couple of devotionals and a number of articles.
As owner of a group blog Under the Cover of Prayer and a blogger at He Cares for Us she writes often.
Her children's book, Tadeo Turtle, is now available. A free curriculum can be obtained as well.

Email her at Janis or visit her at www. janiscox.com.


  1. Thanks, Janis! Nice to hear from someone who is a few steps further down the path than me. One of my goals this year is to do the tax thingy...but as you might be able to tell from the term I use I am kinda clueless how to do it. I get that you collect all your receipts, catalogue expenses, etc, but then what? Do you have to start a numbered company? Or how/ where does this all show up on your tax form??

  2. Lisa,
    You need to list a small business - Ontario. I had one called Janis Cox Consulting.. keep it broad enough like your name and "communications". You will get an R number. No need to register for HST because you won't be selling over $35 000 (if you do get an accountant).
    On your tax form - there is a form you can download if you do taxes by hand. H & R Block tax software does it for you.
    For further information email me at authorjaniscox@gmail.com

  3. I can relate to much of this post. It was a steep learning curve for me as well when my first book came out. Its still a learning curve, in fact, but a little less overwhelming at times...

  4. Jan, I so enjoyed your posting...learning of those 'after publication' life changes, and for sharing some good tips and information.

  5. Congratulations, Jan, on all the steps you have made in your writing and your business this year. I do follow some of the steps you mention, but I can see other areas where I need to step up the system. Thanks.

  6. Hi Jan,

    I like the picture of your file folder. That's doable, I think I will try that to keep organized.

    Thanks for the idea!

    Pam Mytroen

  7. Thanks to all of you for your comments.
    We were in flux the first part of this month. I was grateful that God gave me the words for this post. We left for Canada 2 days later.
    Now we are in the state of transition.
    But all things in time - with God - step by step.
    Happy that my thoughts were encouraging.

  8. On my reply to Lisa -I stated you needed a BN number - you do not unless you will be making over $30 000. You can report the income and expenses directly on your personal tax form
    Sorry about that. Didn't figure it out until I called CCRA.

  9. Hi Janis.

    Congratulations on becoming a published author. That is very exciting. Your painting on the cover is adorable. I enjoyed reading your tips on learning more and getting organized. Thanks for stopping by Capri + 3.


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