April 15, 2013

These Feet Were Made For Writing - Tracy Krauss

Yesterday marked the three week mark since I broke my ankle after slipping on a wet floor. What does this have to do with the business of writing? Previous to this mishap, I would have said, "Absolutely nothing." After all, one doesn't write with one's feet.

I've since decided that writing involves the whole body, not just the brain or the hands. At first I thought I'd try to make the best of all the 'free time' I was sure to have. After all, with my new mobility issues, my husband was now doing most of the cooking and cleaning. I also had a ready made excuse to let go of many of my other outside commitments. Theoretically I would now have a lot more time for writing.The truth is, I've done less.

Beyond just trying to find a comfortable place to sit, I've been too distracted mentally to be very productive. I was actually surprised by this. Even when I have had the time, I just haven't felt like it. It reminds me of the passage in scripture when Paul talks about the body. When one part suffers, the whole person suffers. Of course, the spiritual application goes without saying.When someone is hurting in the body of Christ, the whole body suffers as well.

On the up side, sometimes an enforced season of rest can do a world of good. As the pain lessens I am beginning to feel the familiar stirrings of words waiting to get out - fresh ideas that may have been shoved to the background in favor of another more prominent project.

With four more weeks to go, I'm starting to get back into the groove. I'm back at work, and as you can see, my students have graced my cast with some lovely artwork. I can't help but be reminded of something Nancy Rue said at the fall conference. "See everything life throws at you as an opportunity for research." I'm taking this to heart. Don't be surprised if a hero or heroine appears in one of my novels with a broken ankle...

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  1. Tracy, glad you're on the mend!

  2. Yes, we're glad you're on the mend. And that even this provides fodder for your new writings.

    Nice artwork on the cast!

  3. Anyone who has had an injury knows exactly what you're talking about. Pain is a great zapper of energy--especially creative energy.
    Praying for your quick recovery.

  4. Funny how when we think we have more time, we often have less. I hope you get back on your feet soon!

    Pam M.

  5. Tracy,
    I love the link to the parts of the body - when one part is ill. We tend to think our mind is what we use when we really need to be whole in mind, body and spirit.
    Praying for a renewed sense of your spirit to write His Words. Praying for perfect healing and recovery.
    Many blessings,

  6. You might as well make use of this in a future book.

    Get your rest!

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes!


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