April 11, 2013

Ready to Publish? Check Out The Writer's Edge


  "Matching Quality Christian Manuscripts with

Major Christian Publishers"

The Writer's Edge is now is offering 20% off coupons to InScribe members. If you're interested, send us an e-mail for more info!

"The Writer's Edge provides an avenue for writers to connect with established publishers with credibility, economy, and moral support. Most new or relatively unknown writers are frustrated that they can’t get on the radar screen of acquisitions editors at established publishing houses. Major Christian publishers are overwhelmed with book manuscripts they don’t have time to open or read. So we provide a service to both the author and the publisher. The way we do this is to initially log in all manuscripts into our system. Then our editors evaluate them, select the ones we think have merit, and send those in a monthly report to the participating publishers. Those not accepted for the monthly report receive some initial feedback regarding their manuscript’s strengths and weakness, along with recommendations for improvements. We also offer other valuable resources and helps for the writer." ~ excerpt from their website
You might also want to check out their Author Resources page for links to writers groups, resource books, writers conferences, publishing trends, a sample book proposal, plus internet sites and blogs of interest to Christian writers.

The Blog Editor


  1. Thanks for these tips, Blog Editor. These are some good spots for resource ideas.

  2. I visited this site years ago (early 2000s) when I was first considering publication. Of three titles that I sent, two received scathing rejections - which in the end turned out to be just what I needed to hear! the last one was put up on their site but nothing ever came of it. It was an eye opening experience but was worth it in the end I think... all part of the journey


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