February 19, 2013

Never Let Me Go - Linda Aleta Tame

The most cherished moments of my life are the ones when I sense God's presence. Moments like while talking on the phone, my husband and I gazed at the moon together, even though he was in Texas and I was in Manitoba.

Another cherished moment was during an intimate worship time at a women's conference. It was at the end of the service; the worship team was softly playing, "Draw Me Close to You." I closed my eyes, made the words my own, made the sentiments my own. I floated away to the beauty of His presence, completely immersed in His overwhelming love.

Jesus and I were dancing. At first, I could see us gliding across the dance floor, and then as though a camera lens zoomed me in, I was right there in the strength of His arms. An almost unbearable tenderness filled me as I was swept away in that moment of divine embrace. I sang the lyrics to the song "Never let me go" and "Let me know You are here," and meant them. I didn't want the dance to ever end, but the song was coming to a close. I looked at my Saviour, pleading. His amazing eyes were filled with love as He handed me a long-stemmed rose.

He said, "I'll never let you go.  I am always here."

I sunk into a chair, wanting to stay in the afterglow, but the conference was over and it was time to pack up our things and travel the seven hours back home. I shared my experience with the three women traveling with me, and when I said, "Then He gave me a rose," one woman gasped,

"Really? He gave me a rose too, during the same song!"

We rejoiced over sharing such an incredible event. We rejoiced at the confirmation that the Kingdom of God is a reality even now, and that Christ indeed loves His Bride. He draws us close to Him, He never lets us go and He's always here. Nothing separates us from Him; we are always together.


  1. Oh, Linda, what a beautiful posting! What a wondrous experience with Him!

    I'm soooo glad you shared this with us... it reminds me of similar cherished moments I've experienced with Him.

    Isn't He just the best! A person just can't help falling in love over and over when He shows us how much He's in love with us.

    Lovely rose!

  2. Thank you Brenda. So true...He loves us, and shows us that He does!

    Blessings to you,

  3. The ultimate 'rose ceremony' :)

  4. I love it when God does stuff like this! I've seen myself dancing with Jesus and also "watched" him really getting down with the music during a lively worship set. It goes against the grain, to see such things, when one has been brought up to expect a dignified and rather remote silence from God during worship services.

    Amazingly, God seems to enjoy us as much as (if not more than) we enjoy him - who would have thought? :-)


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