February 09, 2013

Are You Coming Home? - Shirley S. Tye

When my father passed away October 11, 1994, I pleaded with God to give me a sign or somehow assure me that my father had gone to heaven. I thought he had but communication became difficult with my parents when I moved miles away and didn’t use my mother-tongue (Finnish) often. I could not express myself well enough to have a deep conversation with them and my father was a man of few words. I wasn’t sure of his relationship with Jesus.

God saw the anguish of my heart and answered me in a dream.

Shortly after the funeral, I had a dream. I walked into a large beautiful building much like the seniors’ home my father had lived in. I stopped to ask a young man who was washing the floor where my father was and he said, “Oh, he’s probably having lunch on the patio.”

I hurried down the long hallway to the cafeteria. Although it was lunch time, there were very few people. I walked out to the patio. Large flowering plants cascaded from baskets hung on the sparkling white granite walls. The patio was made of white marble and there were several white wrought iron bistro tables each with four matching chairs set far enough apart to allow for private conversation. Delicate crystal bud vases sat on the tables with pink and red roses. Surprisingly there wasn’t anyone on the patio.

Then I heard talking and laughing coming from the balcony to me right. There were people up there enjoying their lunch. I saw my father sitting at a table by the edge of the balcony. An elderly lady sat across from him. I’m not sure who she was, although in the dream I had a feeling of recognition.

My father called down to me in Finnish; “Are you coming home?”

I answered in Finnish; “Yes.”

He asked a second time in Finnish; “Are you coming home?”

Again I replied in Finnish; “Yes.”

A third time he asked in Finnish; “Are you coming home?”

The third time I answered in Finnish; “Yes, I’m coming home?”

Then I awoke. My immediate thought was that my question had been answered. But now at times I wonder if that dream actually answered my question yet I was comforted by it. I’m able to carry on without worry on the path the Lord has set before me. God comforted my soul – that’s what I really needed. Thank you, Father.


  1. Isn't God good to hear and answer the cry of our heart.
    Thanks so much for you interest in the ministry of The Exodus Road and for spreading the word! I'm elizafaye57 on twitter.

  2. I find it very interesting that this month there are three stories told about how God comforted and showed His love for us after loved ones passed away

    First, Donna shared in her Guest Post. Then I left a comment for her about my own experience after my dad went home to heaven, and now you post your dream and experience.

    I do believe His hand is in this....

    Shirley, thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your own life and how God comforted you.


  3. What a wonderful story! I had something similar (though very different details) when my own father died and God comforted me in a very unique way. Even though your intellect may wonder about it, somehow you just know in your spirit that God has communicated good news to you and that all is well.

  4. I noticed this same thing, Brenda...

    It was wonderful the way God comforted you and this to me is the key. We all want assurance that our loved ones have gone to heaven, but the sad reality is that many times this might not be the case. Then what? God isn't going to lie and say they have just because we want it to be so. On the other hand, He can give us something to comfort us, no matter the outcome. (And I'm not in any way implying that in this case, your Dad isn't in heaven)

    My husband's brother was killed tragically and then several years later his father died of a heart attack. Both times we were left 'wishing' they'd gone to heaven, but the evidence (life style etc.) would point to the opposite outcome. The best comfort we got was from my mother who said, "Only God knows the heart and He never makes a mistake."

    We must truly leave these situations in God's hands, trusting that He knows best.

  5. Shirley,
    What a beautiful story of a your dream. Before coming to Christ, my Dad passed about in 1993. During the service while we were singing I felt God give me a tremendous hug. I knew for sure my Dad was with God.

    I love Tracy's mom's words, "Only God knows the heart". God does know everything and we have to trust in HIm.


  6. I had a similar experience after my father passed away in 2004. God can go where we cannot, so we trust Him with our loved ones.

  7. Susan, I love how you said that "God can go where we cannot, so we trust Him with our loved ones."

    That's what we can say to those who do not have the assurance of where their loved ones' may spend eternity.

    I am ever grateful that my own dad loved the Lord all the days of his life... and that showed me the way to Jesus too.

  8. God is so kind and gentle with us. Thank you for showing us more tangible proof--makes me feel so warm inside!


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