February 02, 2013

A Good Question - M. Laycock

"I'm writing a book. I've been writing it for years and I know it will probably never be published. There are a lot of people in this same boat. So my question is, how do we justify the time we're spending on these works in progress when there are so many other things deserving of our time and energy?"

It was a good question and the other writers on the panel tried hard to answer it, to give the woman hope and the courage to carry on. I was one of them. This is what I said:

1 - Never say never. When I wrote my first book I was pretty sure it would not go beyond my home-town audience. God had other plans and He is still amazing me with what He's been doing with it. You don't know what God intends for that manuscript and He may surprise you.
2 - Writing is one of the primary ways I learn about myself, others and God. I learn about my relationship with Him, where it's good and where it's not. I learn compassion for others and forgiveness of my own failings.  Remember that God is doing something in you as you write. If the manuscript never sees the light of a wider audience than your own heart, maybe that's what God intends. If He is calling you to write it, don't stop.

As I chatted with two of the other authors on that panel afterward, another thought was broached - this time we have on earth may be just a training ground for what is yet to come. Maybe all the "scribbling" we do falls into that category as well. Maybe all that we will write here on earth is preparation for what we will do in eternity. That thought encourages me, gives me hope and makes me want to continue to hone my skills and keep learning. I know I am called to write and I know God does not waste His efforts or mine.

"May the favour of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us, yes, establish the work of our hands" (Psalm 90:17).

Marcia is an award-winning author and Christian speaker.
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  1. Marcia... wonderful post!

    I, too, believe what we do here is indeed training and preparation for our future life with Him. I'm so thrilled to think, thanks to you and others, that this likely includes our scribblings as well. And why not...I'm totally convinced my mansion is loaded with books to be read through eternity... somebody has to write them. (smile)

    I've been learning over the years, all of our past experiences make the ground good for our future ones. I don't know how many times old experiences and things learned have come to play a part in a current venture.

    Thank YOU for your vision and discipline to keep writing, to keep honing those wonderful words skills you have, and to keep learning -- we are blessed, I am blessed, for your commitment to His gift in you.


  2. These were very encouraging words Marcia. I think most of us are in this same boat. We wonder sometimes why we are spending so much time and energy on something that isn't necessarily 'paying off' in the world's sense of the words. However, if we are compelled to keep writing - which, again, most of us that frequent this blog are - we must rest in the knowledge that God has a purpose in it.


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