February 27, 2013

Love Answers Prayer - by Susan Barclay

Once upon a time, a young woman fell in love. Or at least it seemed like love  - she wasn't experienced in such matters, so she may have misinterpreted the signs and symptoms. At any rate, the man she was seeing was a few years older than she and had more relationship knowledge. He said she loved him, and he should know, right?

Fast forward three years. The relationship is in tatters, the woman in emotional ruins. Who can she turn to? Not her family, and not to friends. There is only God. Only God? She hasn't been on close terms with Him in a while, but there is no one else.

She prays, eyes closed, hoping He will hear her. "It's too much to ask, but will You give me a sign? I need to know that this is really over, that he and I are through, once and for all." She pauses and bites her lip. Dare she make a specific request?

"I need to know for sure. Two signs, God, please? One, I'd like to hear 'Unanswered Prayers' on the radio sometime in the next three days. And I won't have the station on 24/7. You choose the other sign."

She waits.

She hears the song.

God sends a dream.

He is faithful. And now she knows beyond the shadow of a doubt. The human relationship is over. There is no one for her now but God. Always, first, foremost, the One she can truly trust. God loves her perfectly; He will never leave her or disappoint her.

She falls on her knees in gratitude, a new prayer on her lips.

"Thank You, God, for Your great love. Thank You that I can depend on You. Man may fail me, but You never fail. If I never marry, I will still be okay. You will be a husband to me. Thank You that Your love never fails."

Now that's a happy ending, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. I love how He answers the cry of our hearts. It's true, His love never fails (I really like that song too).

    Thanks, Susan, for sharing this love story with us.

  2. Susan,
    That is one of my favourite praise and worship songs. His love never fails.
    Great story,


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