October 03, 2012

Who Are You Working For? - Janis Cox

Last month we wrote about all the ways we can market, promote, and get better at writing. There were some wonderful ideas to help us with the craft of writing. But without God they are worthless.

Do you ever force yourself into doing something that is not in God’s plan? I notice when I say yes to something before talking to God - I find out I would have been better not to have said YES. Sometimes saying YES before prayer leads me to where I don’t experience the joy or fruit of my endeavour. God's answer may have been NO.

I am coming to the conclusion (and yes, dear writers, I am using the passive tense because it is an on-going conclusion) that maybe just maybe … I should LISTEN more to God rather than doing things in the name of God.

Then I read from Philippians:
“for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose” (Phil 2:13 NIV).
I need to have God in me in order to fulfill His good purpose – not my purpose. Oh there it is ME once again. ME.

Do I take those jobs or work on something because “I can do it” or because God wants me to do it? Do I work at something before I ask God about it? Am I in step with Him?

I want to remember that it is God working through me not me working for God.

I want to take time to LISTEN to what God wants and not to hear just what “I” want.

What do you think? I wrote about this for Under the Cover of Prayer last Friday. Obviously this has been on my mind. Do I Listen to God?

Janis Cox

Janis, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement.She has published a couple of devotionals and a number of articles. Her Bible study is available in PDF.

As owner of Under the Cover of Prayer she writes often.

Her children's book, Tadeo Turtle, is scheduled for release in October.

Email her at Janis or visit her at www. janiscox.com.


  1. Jan, thanks for the reminder and questions. We all need to examine why we are doing what we are doing. Nancy Rue challenged us along the same lines at conference this year :)

  2. It seems we have to keep coming back to this principle over and over again, that it is God who is working in us; we are not alone; and we are not working for ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing your heart!
    Pam M.

  3. Thanks Ruth and Pam,

    I have to remind myself all the time. The jobs I do are they for me or for God?

    And when we do find our niche do we stay isolated or work with others towards a common goal for God? Are we competitive or co-operative? Which would God want?


  4. Very sound advice Janice. thank you!

  5. Both you and Ruth Snyder have commented on this need for prayer before action. It seems so logical, I wonder why we neglect it so often.
    But we still think along our natural bent, whereas God's insight can give us new perspective, even on old ideas--His thoughts are always higher than ours!

  6. Seems He's bringing many of us to similar 'conclusions'.... Him working through us. Without Him we can do nothing.

    Thanks so much, Jan, for the timely reminder!


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