October 05, 2012

InScribers Review: Prostate Cancer, My Story of Survival Survival

Author:  Bryan Norford
No. of Pages:  73

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Summary by:  Bryan Norford

A stitch in time saves nine ~old proverb~

I didn’t have stitches, but many staples did the same job. My stitch in time should have been earlier diagnosis of my disease, avoiding the use of stitches or staples at all. A simple blood test for prostate cancer can provide early detection.

A sudden acute bladder infection alerted me to something wrong in my pelvic area. Without that incident, and a subsequent diagnosis of prostate cancer over three years ago, I would probably not be alive to tell this story.

The idea that men die with cancer, rather than from it, can be deadly if the disease is not caught in its early stages. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men, afflicting 25,500 Canadian men each year, and one in seven of those will die from it.

My latest book, Prostate Cancer: My Story of Survival, just released, tells the story of my pilgrimage through this disease from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and outcomes. The book is derived from blogging through the journey, even from my hospital bed following extensive surgery.

What changes did prostate cancer make to our lives? How did our children and adult grandchildren respond? How did I deal with the disease and what was the reaction of my wife Ann? What were our mainstays through this journey? For us, our Christian faith played a major role, and you will find references to it throughout the book.

My devoted wife, Ann, was a strategic asset in my journey. A woman is often more perceptive than a man of the implications at various stages of discovery to recovery, and the inevitable watching over a husband’s lifestyle becomes more critical.

Thanks to a local skilled surgeon, I am currently on yearly check-ups. There is life after prostate cancer with early detection, proper treatment, and care. Even if treatment results in some functional changes, life is still a joy and to be lived fully. Men! Be sure to have that check-up soon. It could save your life.


  1. Congratulations, Bryan. I love survivor stories. I am almost hitting my 4 year mark as a cancer survivor, too. It gives a body a whole new perspective on 'every day' doesn't it? I am going to check out your book. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I know other survivors and this is always the case - early detection is so important.

  3. Well written, Bryan. A message that needs to be repeated often, especially from men who have been through this.

  4. Thank you Bryan. My Dad is a cancer survivor from this.

    Pam M.


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