October 21, 2012

A Glimpse of Heaven-Sulo Moorthy

When our Women's ministry chose to study the Book of Revelation this Fall, I got excited. For years, I've avoided reading  the last book of the Bible thinking that I wouldn't even understand what's written in those chapters even if I try my best to grasp the meaning of the symbols and signs mentioned in the book.

My enthusiasm for the study heightened  when I learned that we were going to follow Beth Moore's teaching on Revelation through video sessions. Along with me,  80-100 women signed up for this study to get a grasp of what is uniquely revealed in this Book.

As Beth Moore points out in her study book-" No scholar, commentary, denomination, preacher or teacher can plausibly claim to have all the answers and ultimate interpretation for this fascinating finish of scripture. It's futile to expect a full understanding of everything written in the book. As long as God is glorified and His Word held sacred and inspired, having our views challenged can be a very healthy thing."

Surely, our concept of God and understanding of His Word shape our lives and reflect in our faith walk. As a child attending church on the other side of the globe, I grew up calling Christ as Jesu Papa and picturing  Him with the image that I saw on calendars hung on the wall or on Sunday school takeaways- the smiling Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes having  little kids on His lap, or the One with a staff in His hand and a lamb around His neck.

 In my teen years, when I was introduced to the meaning of grace and salvation, I began to see Jesus as the One who died on the cross for my sins in order to give me a place in heaven. . As I grew in years and in my faith, He became my Lord and Savior. When life and family brought challenges and threw uncertainties to fog my view, I saw Christ as my provider, protector, deliverer and counselor,

 In this last book of the Bible, through the eyes of Apostle of John, God has revealed to us the majesty of Christ which we haven’t seen before. Even John couldn’t compose himself to stand straight, but to fall as if dead at the sight of his Lord.  He couldn’t see the Son of Man as Jesus of Nazareth with whom he once walked, talked and ate in Galilee, or as the One who stood silently with a twisted crown of thorns on His head before the mockers, who shouted,“ Hail King of Jews”, and struck Him with their hands. Nor did John see Jesus as the risen Christ, who showed up within closed walls with nail marks on His hands and feet, or the One who was taken up to heaven in clouds while two men robed in white apparel stood on guard.

 Instead, in the first few chapters of the book that I’ve studied so far, John sees Christ as Son of God whose eyes shone like blazing fire and feet looked like burnished bronze, and  voice sounding like rushing waters announcing that He’s the First and the Last. Later, in the throne room of God, where the throne dazzled with the brilliance of jasper and carnelian, and voices of angels numbering ten thousand times ten thousand singing,

“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain
To receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
And honor and glory and praise!”

John  sees Christ as a slain Lamb, the only One worthy to open the scroll that was in the right hand of God seated on the throne.

“ To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb
Be praise and honor and glory and power forever and ever!” sang every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them. Rev: 5:11,13.

 Wow! What a glorious scene, and what a mighty King we serve! It's too wonderful to realize that, such a holy and glorious Christ, who is hailed day and night by thousands of angels in heaven, knows my name,  hears my prayers from His throne room and comes to my rescue in my time of need. Such a knowledge makes me want to fall flat on my face in gratitude and worship Him with adoration till my last breath. Instead of confining a day of celebration for thanksgiving, I pray that thankfulness would become my way of life.


  1. You remind us, Sulo, that we don't have to understand all the ins and outs of Revelation to be awe inspired by the majesty of Jesus.

    But, in addition, we need to know its contents to be ready to recognize when these mysterious events occur.

  2. I totally agree with you Bryan, we cannot be ignorant of the warnings given in the book and we need to be thankful for them too.

  3. Great post and a wonderful reminder that we don't necessarily have to have everything figured out. In fact, that's what faith is about.

  4. It's interesting how our perspective of God grows and deepens. Thank you for sharing this, Sulo.

    Pam M.

  5. Sulo, I was struck by how you described the different stages of your growth in Christ. I haven't thought of it quite that way before, but it is a process, isn't it? Lovely post!

  6. I thank you all, who took the time to read and leave an encouraging comment on my posting.


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