May 04, 2012

Writer's Group Joy - Glynis M. Belec

Whenever I return home from our monthly writer's group meetings, my head seems full. I love our regular get togethers and I love the way we all fit together, even though we all come from different lifestyles, points of view, and experiences. Tonight is no exception. My brain overfloweth with ideas and information as I pull into the garage and lug my big laptop case on wheels back into my office. And I cluck with pride because of the accomplishments of my writing family.

I am supposedly the most experienced writer on the block so everyone looks to me for wisdom and direction. (No pressure.) I always lead the meeting and I never mind doing so. Sometimes I fear I don't know enough but the graciousness and eagerness of our wonderful crew (as motley as we are) to learn, spurs me on.

Janet struggled with confidence (read her story here; she wrote the feature online article for this month's Fellowscript - ) Yet she brims with talent. Our goal has been to help her realize the beauty of her words. She has made connections and is touching hearts and souls all over the country with her words via her blog .

 Caroline gets the gold star for always doing her homework. Nothing deters this farmer gal. She dons her overalls, picks up her pen, and scribbles magnificent words to her heart's content and her readers' delight. She has been published numerous times now, as a result, in the Rural Route magazine. Not a surprise! If there is a contest to be had, Caroline will have a go! Grit and determination drives her and we are all encouraged by this.

Shayne entered a song-writing contest a month ago and some of us had the privilege of listening to him sing and perform his musical 'entry'. Deservedly, he made it to the second round. Even if he gets no further (but we are convinced he will) he has done his writing group family proud. We can't wait for next time.

Heather talked tonight about her newspaper story that she had published. Her missionary heart brims with stories. We know that soon she will gather these wonderful experiences and share them to God's glory.

Bev was reluctant at first to read her work, but once she started, there was no stopping her. She showed her vulnerable side and was determined that others who share a similar past could be her target audience. Because of Bev's passion and compassionate heart, we think this just might happen.

Andy is our comic relief. He used to teach high school but he is notorious for speaking his mind and not doing his homework. But he asks lots of questions about being self published so it wouldn't surprise us if he created a few POD books just to surprise us.

Some of our members were absent this evening. Oh how we miss them. Our evening was still fun and encouraging but we sure miss the input and unique points of view!

There's just something spectacularly spectacular about getting together once a month with like-minded souls. It's good to celebrate God's gifts and to help each other realize and recognize the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about writing. I might be the leader, but I really think I am the one who learns the most. I love my writer friends.


  1. That's beautiful! Isn't it amazing how such a diverse group can come together and encourage each other? Or how each of them has just that slightly different perspective that you need to improve your own writing? :)

  2. Glynis, your post was like a ray of sunshine. Thanks for the nurturing and encouragement you provide, not only for your local writing group, but also for the whole Inscribe Family.

  3. "And I cluck with pride because of the accomplishments ofmy writing family."

    Ha ha, Glynis, you always make me laugh! I can just see you with your writerly wings spread over your little chicks. Everyone needs an encourager like you!

    Pam M.


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