May 22, 2012

A Lighter Moment

If you've been having the kind of week

where your ideas are dry as moon dust...

 your creativity just laid down for a nap...

you feel an owly pressure atop your head...
your m-erds keep getting w-ixed up...
and now you're even b-alking t-ackwards...

that's when it is vital to just. . .

Take a deep breath. Pause. Laugh out loud.

Now... to uncover the possible symptom for this current 'malady'
you might find something helpful from these two articles
found at Purdue Online Writing Lab:

We'd be interested to know the 'cures' you have discovered
for your own writing block symptoms.  Care to share?

Now, go have the write kind of day!

Your Blog Moderator


  1. I enjoyed the lighter moment!

  2. Thanks Brenda. We all need some light moments just to relax, laught and get away from our writer's block, blogs, and times of dryness and frustrations.


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