May 07, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Ramona Heikel

The winter of writing will surely melt into spring

Here are 10 reasons that I continue to be motivated to write amid all the other demands of life, and the challenges of our art. 

1. Members of my critique group point out something excellent in a piece of my writing…
…and this is an honest and experienced group, so if they say that I’ve nailed the voice of this character, they must be right, and this piece is definitely worth working on.

2. Successful authors share their own struggles…
…so I see that my frustrations are the same as other writers, which makes me see that I’m a part of the writer community and helps me to stop questioning whether or not I should even write.

3.  I run across a book or magazine that publishes exactly what I’m writing…
…which helps me sharpen my aim, validates my idea and excites me no end.

4.  When I force myself to take a break from writing, I can’t wait to get back to it…
…which confirms to me that my motivations for writing are inherent and genuine.

5.  I read a piece of extraordinary writing…
…and that reminds me of the immense power of the written word to bring beauty and joy to a reader’s heart (yes, even my written words).

6.  One of the students I tutor needs help in writing…
…and I spend our session praising the tiniest of their successes in their creativity or craft.

7.  The mail brings a new issue of a writing newsletter…
…full of tips, inspiration, biographies of other writers, market information, and reasons to sit down right now with a pen and paper.

8.  Non-writer friends and family are impressed that I write…
…and that gives me some perspective.  Even when I feel unproductive as a writer, that reminds me that not every one has the drive to write and publish, and it encourages me to follow this unique calling and not give up.

9. When I do write, all’s well in the world…
…in my writing world, anyway.  And when my writing is going well, it puts a certain peace into my life in general.

10. My prayers for motivation and writing time are answered…
…meaning that God considers these things important enough to act on them, which validates my writing once and for all.

Posted by Ramona


  1. Ramona, your blog entry put a smile on my face because I identify with so much of what you've shared. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

  2. An excellent posting to motivate any writer to keep writing.Thank you Ramona.

  3. I agree with Ruth. So many of your observations about the writing life are mine as well. Thanks for the encouragement! KEEP WRITING!!

  4. Hi Ramona,
    This reminds me of what Donna Dawson said when she spoke about the Psychology of the Writer at the Saskatoon "His Imprint" Writer's Conference. It is so confirming, and affirming too, for me as a writer. I've been writing essays and lesson plans this past year for class and I can't wait to get back into writing.

    Pam Mytroen

  5. What a great list of motivators for those less-than-motivating times in our writing lives.

    Enjoyed learning how you overcome those times. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bless you all! And thanks for all the ways you inspire me.


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