March 12, 2012

Antisocial - Nesdoly

...clever handwaves /  from the keyboards of the networked

Today I’m antisocial

Their fingers are rattling on computers in warm kitchens
and on the sweaty number pads of smart-phones
I am aware of the brave souls of housewives
sprouting chirpily on Facebook updates
The chatty words of comments pass me by
along with clever handwaves
from the keyboards of the networked
and the YouTubes of the earnest
with political concerns
I don’t LIKE the humorous quote
that hovers in the status
or the photo-add that creeps
down the sidebar of the timeline.
by Violet Nesdoly
Read any modern advice on how to market, and you'll know it is all about the  social network. I am not good at that. It is my huge writing/marketing challenge for 2012.


  1. Me Too, Violet! I have an ebook for sale at all the major book retailers, for as cheap a price as the publisher will allow--BUT the marketing from here on out is up to me? I've simply given it to God. If he shows me what next to do, I accept that, but otherwise marketing is now HIS baby! :-)

  2. Wow this poem summed it up so well. I do a lot of 'the above' - not because I love it because I've bought in to the 'new marketing reality'... this poem mirrors my own angst at times with all the fluff, seeming insincerity, and just plain silliness of it all!

  3. Thanks, Charlie and Tracy! I suspect many of us struggle with the new reality. My big question always is, am I willing to do this, as uncomfortable as it makes me feel, if that is what God asks?

    Tracy, I would never suspect that you squirm in this area. Your efforts in are commendable.

  4. Count me too as one with writing/marketting challenge. Too aged to get used to the current social media networking.


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