March 25, 2012

Thoughts From A New Writer - Hazel Johnson

Okay – the intrepid assignment is to write a 'few' words to encourage other writers. “Holy Mary, Mother of God”, as I said out loud when I first saw the Grand Canyon!

This is a mammoth for me. This past year was my first as a writer, and as Grace Fox said at the ICWF conference, “Do it afraid”.

Very valuable advice! In my case, it’s more like terrified, and this month’s post had me running with my proverbial tail between my legs!

But always deserving the title of  'bucket lady', here goes some drops in the pail.  My writing comes in spurts and squirts, usually late at night, or all night! It helps to be an insomniac, a mixed blessing.

I believe writing has to come directly from your heart, and Christian writing has to come from God’s heart!

Humility keeps you on track, and prayer about your writing is essential. We don’t build our houses on sand, we build them on the solid rock of Jesus, and his wisdom, and his timing in our lives. I think he gives us his words in his time, if we trust him and add elbow grease and hard work. I think patience with ourselves is another ingredient.

I have joined many Christian blogs, which have been blessings to teach me more about the craft of writing. I want to be 'teachable' and to learn from my mistakes.

I am muddling and fuddling creating my own blog now, which will be called “Joy in the Morning”.

I encourage people to attend conferences, writing courses, to be alert to ideas all around you everyday and everywhere, and to carry a journal with you at all times to jot down ideas. I have index cards all over the house sometimes.

So….Miss Bucket Lady…that was painless! God bless everyone!


  1. "Do it afraid!"-a great advice. We had been there, and continue to write in spite of the fear and doubt we encounter.Welcome to the group to write, share and explore the unknown.

  2. What a terrific start! Write a little - or write a lot but WRITE.

    There is nothing to fear as God is always with you.

    I joined The Gyspy Mama on Fridays to write for 5 minutes and post and link to her blog.

    I can't seem to post comments to blogger with Wordpress link.

    I write at and have a group blog at
    Good to meet you and welcome.

  3. Great to meet you here. Keep on writing - muddling and fuddling is what we do!


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