March 24, 2012

Singletasking —Lynda Schultz

Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and season for everything (3:1). So what’s wrong with my life? Why is it so difficult to find time for all the writing projects that sit half-done on my computer, that swirl around in my brain, and that are written down in notebooks in my very own handwriting and turning yellow with age? Why does there not seem to be a time or a season for my writing?

Duh! God didn’t say I had to do them all at once, did He? My problem is that I want to multitask when it is possible that He wants me to singletask. Singletask is not in the dictionary, but perhaps it should be. Perhaps, like so many of my generation have already done, I should add my two cents to the changing language of the twenty-first century and invent a new word.

If there really is a time and season for everything (and since God doesn’t lie, it must be true) then my daily planner needs to be seriously adjusted. Perhaps my sphere of influence needs to be collapsed instead of expanded so that I can concentrate on doing well the one thing that God has designed to fit into this time and this season.

Do I really need to be writing for four blogs, maintaining a website, writing a book, editing a magazine, writing periodic newsletters and writing up my research and study notes for the Bible studies I teach as though I were planning on publishing my own version of Matthew Henry’s Commentary or rival D. A. Carson in the production of theological tomes (as if I could)?

I think it’s time to singletask, or maybe doubletask my writing. In the end it might be a whole lot more productive than multitasking but never quite getting finished, or finishing poorly because of the other tasks that stole the time it would have taken to finish well.

What do you think?


  1. I so agree with you - because we all have many things "on our plate" in addition to our writing life, calling for mental energy and (often) creative expression. I don't want a messy goulash to sort out every day - thanks for writing this. I'm printing it out!

  2. I think you've just invented a new word! Great post. We all tend to get frazzled with our 'multi-tasking' mentality, when sometimes we are just called to do one thing WELL.

  3. I have learned something in the past 3 weeks while staying with my daughter; at first waiting for grandson and then looking after everyone. I can get a lot of writing done in a short period of time. Sometimes I procrastinate more than actually do something.
    And there is something to doing 1 thing and doing it well - may we all do that.
    Great post

    And why can I never sign in with Wordpress when I comment on Blogger. GRRRR.


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