July 22, 2011

Enough Readers by Brenda Leyland

Yes, there are enough readers for all of us. That's what author Jody Hedlund said in her blog post Fighting the Green-Eyed Jealousy Monster on dealing with jealousy and envy at the success of other writers and bloggers.

In my own musings about jealousy and wondering why it shows up in my own life, for me it seems to stem from a sense of lack, that there isn't enough to go round, maybe even a sense of being left out. I wonder if the root of it comes from a poverty mindset—the belief that if one person gets something, then there's not be enough for me.

But that's just it, isn't it? When we look at the world God created, there's abundance everywhere. More than enough. Enough seeds in a single cantaloupe to reap crops. Stars so freely created that they keep pushing out the expanses of the universes (just ask any Hubbles Telescope fan what they keep discovering). And, enough readers for all of us who write or blog.

Of course, maybe you have this already figured out, but as for me, I am grateful for Jody's reminder today. To read her wonderful post click here. Now, I'm off to write what's in my heart to give those dear readers something to read.

Brenda is a member of InScribe and writes on her personal life blog at It's A Beautiful Life.


  1. So true - and what a great reminder! God IS a God of abundance! Unlimited power and resources...

  2. This is a great way to look at jealousy... whenever we think God will not take care of us, we always fall into some sort of pit or another. Thanks for the link between forgetting who God is and thinking no one wants to read what we write!

  3. I'd call it self-doubt,instead of jealosy. Self-doubt make us wonder whether it's worth writing that blog if it doesn't result in anyone leaving a comment. We tend to translate it into rejection and get down in spirit. Comments or no comments, we need to grasp it as great opportunity and write to improve, and write to inspire at least one or two.

  4. How timely this blog post is. I just heard a tape of The Writer for March 2011 and one article was about jelousy. I felt convicted as I had felt hurt that authors who published blasphemous books made millions while my books collected dust. I'll trust God and keep on writing regardless of the outcome.

  5. So well said, Brenda! I love your style and I'm thankful God, the God who's enough, has let me read your words!
    Pam M.

  6. Amen to what "Precious Moments" said above....I also liked these words you wrote:

    So, if God's called us to write and our minds are flowing with new creative ways to rearrange some of those interesting words listed in the dictionary, you don't think He already has the perfect readers in mind who will enjoy and benefit from what we share?

    Surely then He's got a plan -- if we'll hear it -- of the when, where and how these bound pages teeming with living words will get to the ones who need to read them.

    Okay, okay....I think I get the message ;)
    Thank you for your faithful writing and encouragement, Brenda!


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