January 19, 2009

Missing Mom • Elsie Montgomery

She was just here
soft eyes misted in a book
laughing at the words

We rise, she needs help with her walker
“This is my daughter, Elsie”
as annoyed bones move
slowly to the lunch tables

She cannot visit now
time to eat, mouth is full
“Come back next week”
“I love you, Mom”

You were just here soft
grey curls and clean blouse
ready to explore the edges
of lost memories,
tell of your morning
shampoo and bath

You were just here, but I
came back too soon
on Sunday not Wednesday
they called, “We are so sorry”

Too late to give you
warm hugs
or spin a story
or paint your nails

You were just here
how can you be gone?
Missing you, Mom
You were just here.

I wrote this poem in 2002, shortly after my mother died. Reading it again reminds me how much I miss her, so I changed the title to reflect that aching nostalgia. Elsie Montgomery (PS. Sorry this post is late. My reminder got buried under a dinner engagement.)


  1. LC,
    What a beautiful poem. I can hear your ache in it. Your mother looks so sweet in her picture. I'm sorry for your loss. -Loren Christie

  2. A touching tribute to a well-loved Mom.


  3. Beautiful poem - and I love the photo - so fresh and youthful.

  4. A beautiful tribute... pretty photo!


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