January 28, 2009

Delight - Lorrie

Delight's wardrobe spans the light spectrum for her moods range from pensive pleasure on grey, misty days to exuberant turquoise and gold dances at the seashore. Perceptive and alert to the moment, she sees details that others often miss - she is quick to share them with her companions. She loves being outdoors and sees nature as a showcase for God's creativity.

People love being in the same room as Delight for her positive outlook is contagious. But she has learned the pleasures of solitude and the need for time to feed her soul. Her energy level sometimes scares people for they think they will never keep up with her activities. Sometimes it seems as though Delight is everywhere at once, so dazzling that it's hard to watch her. At other times, she appears smaller and quieter, yet no less radiant.

Delight is willing to take risks and try new things - tasting an exotic fruit, tying her scarf differently, or giving a handmade card to a street person. Her collections are eclectic - words, smooth rocks, old books, model trains and recipes. She is learning to let things go rather than cling to objects and experiences out of fear of loss. She finds that God provides an unending supply of beauty in her life, that she will always have something on which to focus.

Although Delight can disappear for long stretches of time, leaving people to wonder when she'll be back, she tends to stick around most when people notice and coddle her a bit. She's not as reliable as Joy, her cousin.

NOTE: Several (like 15) years ago I read a book called The Qualities, in which character traits were personalized. A couple of weeks ago I was reading Psalm 37 and thinking about the verbs portrayed there - delight, trust, do good, etc. The thought popped into my head - what would Delight look like if she were a person - how would she act? The above sketch is taken from my journal that day. And then that writing caused an entire village of qualities to populate my mind. What a fun exercise!

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm thinking it might be a good exercise for a Bible study group to help think of ways to apply something being learned, like 'integrity' or 'thankfulness' - what would these do as characters rather than traits?!!

    Thank you!

  2. That really is a great idea! In the first paragraph, I thought you were talking about an actual lady whom you'd given this nickname too. Then I caught that it was a character quality, and found myself really thinking about what delight means. :) Neat!

  3. And this is a delightful post! Love the photo too.

  4. Lorrie, We ARE kindred spirits. How I loved your creative exploring of Delight!

    Of late, I'm enjoying the presence of Wisdom in my days, as I invite her to walk alongside. (see Prov 8:30). I begin to envision her as she is described in Proverbs in the feminine.

    So now you give me the courage to explore and imagine outside my little box even more.

    Thank you!!! Brenda


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