September 20, 2016

Still Swinging - Joylene M. Bailey

To be perfectly honest, the prompt for this month stymied me. In fact, I must have blocked it entirely from my thoughts because here I am at 10 pm the night before my deadline, trying to come up with something about my process in reviewing my goals.

But I can't. 

If you'll remember, I'm the one out in the middle of that swinging rope bridge, hanging over a gorge. 

No goals to review. No process. 
Just quiet. Just listening for His voice. Just cutting out the busyness.

Oh yes, God was serious when He asked me to do this. Because every time something would come across my line of sight - a great webinar on marketing, a request to help at a conference, a creative writing course - I'd sense that halt in my spirit and be reminded: no busyness, quiet, listen.

I'm not even attending Inscribe's Fall Conference this year, which is still a shock to me. However, that directive was made clear to me in more than one "God-wink", as Bobbi Junior likes to call them.

So, if quietness, listening, and non-busyness are the goals, then here I am reviewing them:

In my quietness, am I showing up regularly at my writing desk to write what God wants me to write? That depends on what "regularly" means. It's not as regular as I'd envisioned, but a lot more regular than it used to be. 

Am I showing up in the opportunities He places in my path to Love God and Love People?
It's amazing, actually, how much easier it is to notice people when one is not busy. So, I get it, Lord.  I get that You needed me to stop and see. Not just see others, but see how I so easily fall into the trap of stress and busyness, because DOING is so much a part of our culture.

Perhaps my productivity is not something that can be measured in this season on the swinging bridge - not by human standards, anyway.

So here I stand, in the middle of this swinging rope bridge, hanging on to the One who asked me to cross it with Him. It hasn't been scenic and lovely all the time. There have been some jerky, scary spots along the way. But I must say, I'm so glad I trusted Him. 

Who knows what awaits me on the other side.

Joylene writes from Edmonton where she lives with her husband, daughter #3, and a cat named Calvin. You can find her at Scraps of Joy.



  1. There are goals, and there are goals! Thanks, Joy, for putting into words this seemingly non-goal the Lord has given me as well. May we each listen for his still, small voice and answer according to what he's calling us to do, and nothing else.

  2. I will miss you at the conference Joy! I see you as intentionally living out God's plan for you. And smack in the middle of the bridge He wants you on, which is better than being on one that He trying to get you off, because He never wanted you to be there in the first place! I've been on that latter bridge! Thanks for listening and being an inspiration to accept the seasons we are in with courage and grace.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Lynn.

  3. In the end, it's all about obedience, isn't it? You are a walking example of what that looks like. Keep on listening! May God bless you on the journey.

    1. Obedience. Absolutely, Tracy. Thank you.

  4. I am also trying to stay out of busyness. I believe I have been given this same God-wink, but it is still hard for me to say, No. As a teacher might say on a report card, "Sharon is working on. . ."


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