January 14, 2015

Willy Nilly Writing - Bobbi Junior

Lord, help me. How do I put into words what you’ve been showing me as one year wraps up and another begins?

This past year I’ve seen the dedication of other writers to their craft, and I’m humbled. I’ve tried to emulate their professional approach. Learning about marketing was interesting, but everything in me recoiled when it came to putting it into practice. Was I letting the Lord down?

In the midst of trying to get myself to build a whopping big platform (you know, those 10,000 subscribers to my blog, of which I have, so far, 24), the Lord had me muddling away on a manuscript. I had no goal for the story, and sometimes wandered away.  Looking back, I see that each time I did, the Lord pulled a writer friend in to give me a nudge and keep me going. Finally, to get the thing off my plate, I came across an appropriate contest, cleaned the story up and sent it in. There. Done. 

And then it won. 

The prize was a publishing package. I liked writing The Reluctant Caregiver;  the publishing process, not so much. 

But last month it was completed. Jesus and I had a chat. You wanted the thing published, Lord, there you go. It’s done. If you want it marketed, you’ll have to do it, though, because I want no part of that. I’ll go where you lead me, but I’m not stepping out. 

No, no lightening came down from heaven. Just the sense of a little smile curling the corner of Jesus’ lips. 

This morning, I pondered this post, trying to figure out how to share what I don’t fully understand when it comes to writing and my lack of ambition. I set the question aside to carry on with the book of Acts, and as I read, the Lord, in his inimitable style, opened my eyes.

Acts 10:4 The angel answered [Cornelius], “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God.

Clarity filled my heart. How many times during my reluctant caregiving season did I tell God, “If I have to go through this, please make it worth while.” And He has. The book led to a speaking opportunity, and from that one, two more. I’ve been invited to sit on a committee working on Alberta Health’s new Dementia Strategy.

I’m beginning to think, it’s not so much the book, as it is the ripples. Being a published author is nice, but it doesn’t excite me. Speaking on what I’ve learned about dementia and caregiving? That gets me buzzing.
And here’s the kicker. I read further in Acts and I came to verse 43.  “… everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name”. Suddenly a thought landed with a clunk. Two physicians have asked me to co-present workshops with them. Both women are from the Middle East. Could it be the Lord is going to use me to plant a seed? 

I don’t know. I do know that going into 2015 I’m already out of my depth. Who am I to present to medical students and doctors? I know, though, that’s the best place for me to be. It’s when I don’t know what I’m doing that I turn control over to the Lord. 

So in 2014 I discovered that in this season of my life, writing will be willy-nilly, as the Lord leads. And the speaking engagements? I’ve hung a picture on my fridge of two oxen in a yoke. Jesus sent the invitation in Matthew 11:29: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” Lord, I accept. 

My prayer for 2015? Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you, and not on my feet, that I might do your will and not my own.


  1. this is SO encouraging to me, Bobbi. I am thrilled that God is putting the right people in your path and I pray for much success!

  2. God is working powerfully through you, Bobbi. Your story is a beautiful testimony as to what can happen when we follow God's leading instead of our own agendas.

  3. You talk about being humbled, Bobbi, but when I think of what you have accomplished in 2014, I am the one who is humbled (and, to be honest, also a tinge-bit jealous that you have been published).

    It seems, however, that now the real work (God's work) is beginning of how God wants to use you and your journey with His ripple effect. Great metaphor. I'm excited for you and am glad that gets you buzzing. It's going to be a "dangerous" year.

  4. Oh you have hit the "marketing" end of publishing a book. I feel for you. But as you keep watching where God is leading He will open the doors.
    blessings on your adventure,

  5. A publishing package - what a great prize! Wonderful how God got your book published. And I love the phrase, "it's not so much the book, as it is the ripples". He will be with you as you tread the waters :)

  6. My favourite line: "It's not so much the book, as it is the ripples." I pray the ripples will turn into waves! Reading your post was like a refreshing breeze. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  7. What a wonderful encouragement all of you are. I can't thank God enough for bringing me to this InScribe community. You keep me on track when I want to wander, and you lift me up when I need it.

    Thank you, Lord, for my fellow Word Warriors!

  8. Very encouraging article Bobbie. May God continue to open unexpected doors for you to reflect the light of the world. :)

  9. I'm very happy for you Bobbi.
    Interesting how God speaks to us in such different ways.

  10. Bobbi,
    Thanks for sharing how God is using you and your writing. He made you exactly the way He wanted you and He is using you for His glory because you're stepping out of the way. Bravo, Word Warrior :)

  11. Thanks for letting us in on a part of your journey and congratulations! I liked the line about the sense of a little smile curling the corner of Jesus' lip. May he continue to smile down on you as you navigate the next phase of the publishing! (the marketing :0)

  12. I love this concept, Bobbi: "It’s when I don’t know what I’m doing that I turn control over to the Lord."

    And I get so excited when I read your posts because I can see the Lord working in you. How wonderful is that, that you will have speaking opportunities and you may have a chance to plant a seed! I am pressing the LIKE button on that one!!

  13. This is a wonderful post, Bobbi, and it so encouraging for all of us to read it. We read so much about platform and marketing that is bewildering and not always a good match for our personalities. Some of us are shy writers or, dare I say, wall flowers. (Not you, but maybe me.)

    I like your dance metaphor about keeping your eyes on our Lord instead of looking at our feet. I will keep my eyes on Jesus and let him lead me across the dance floor of life and writing. Thanks, Bobbi. You are an inspiration.


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