October 05, 2014

InScribers Review: A Writer's Book of Days - Review by Brenda Leyland

Reviewed by Brenda C Leyland

A Writer's Book of Days
A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life
By Judy Reeves
New World Library, CA © 1999, 2010

Who among us has not had a season or two (perhaps even three) in our writing lives when we've needed to rely on a Writing Prompt to help us get our pens or keyboards started as we faced that blank page... or a blank mind?

Such a tool is invaluable, also, when starting out as a novice writer, for the regular use of prompts can help to establish the habit of writing. And, what a treasure when a writing prompt of a single word, a short phrase, or a picture becomes the delightful catalyst for hammering out new ideas or producing worthwhile material that can be used for a current or future work in progress.

That's why I recommend A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves. The author has compiled a valuable source of interesting prompts (one for every day of the year), inspiring exercises, and practical suggestions, not to mention good advice, literary anecdotes, and ideas gleaned from the author's own writing experiences -- both personally and as a long-time workshop leader.

Divided into monthly chapters, each month focuses on a specific guideline. For instance, September's guideline is Write Specific Details, October's is Write What Matters, and November's is Read Your Writing Aloud.

Even though the material is broken into monthly segments, you can jump in anywhere as each section can stand alone. You can use the current day's prompt to kick start your writing session for the day, use it to practice your writing skills (as a musician would practice her scales), or use the book to establish a regular habit of writing by following it for a year or even a single month.

First written in 1999, the book was revised in 2010 and has been named one of the five hottest writing books by Writer's Digest. 

You can check out the author's website for more information. Do take a minute to watch the inspirational trailer for A Writer's Book of Days. After you watch it, you might even feel 'prompted' to go find the book for yourself. It's available in paperback or e-book.

Brenda C Leyland, long-time InScribe member, happily blogs at It's A Beautiful Life and is currently working on her first non-fiction book, a memoir.


  1. I enjoyed reading your book review, Brenda, and viewing the inspiring trailer. This sounds like an excellent book for any writer.

    May God bless and guide you in your memoir writing!

  2. Thanks Sharon...your blessing is much appreciated!

  3. This has been on my to-read list for a while. Thanks for reviewing it - it moves up the list a little farther! :)

  4. Thanks for this Brenda. I plan to buy myself a copy very soon

  5. Awe, now I want to go run out and buy the book! It does sounds like a great book to have around to spark the imagination on those blank kind of days.

  6. Wonderful book review. I hadn't heard about this book but now it's on my "to read" list. Often I get stuck so writing prompts are so helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Thank you, Brenda. It is officially on my Christmas list!

  8. I watched the Judy Reeves session linked to your posting, Thanks for sharing that. I too want to get the book. I liked her comment that "we need each other."


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