August 17, 2013

Organizing My Time by Bryan Norford

Organizing my time at home may be difficult enough, but try it on vacation.
Oh! Come on now, that’s when you have the time to spare, isn’t it?
Well, to be honest, my routine at home isn’t foolproof. Perhaps I can get it organized now.
But whatever routine I mismanaged at home, it’s torpedoed by the relaxing demands of this holiday time. Sleep late, lazy breakfast, and so on. O-oh, missed my devotional time. Besides Ann needs my attention now—she’s my responsibility under God isn’t she?
Anyhow, I have this book by Eugene Peterson I need to read. That’s devotional isn’t it? But the later the day, the more my excuses pile up. And that’s for a relaxing holiday. This one is travel; so much to see, so much to get in today.
Other people are depending on me; I’ve made commitments. Time is of the essence. Meeting at McDonald's for breakfast. Other friends expecting us at Oxford in a couple of hours and not sure of driving time to get there.
Be nice to get home into some regular routine again—however badly, at least it works some of the time.
Okay. You’re on vacation. Perhaps you need some time away from your routine.
Yes, good point, I’ll be better able to cope at home after a break won’t I?
However, you can still find time to do the things you want. You found time to write this blog, didn’t you?
Yes, of course. It’s the 17th. Can’t let Brenda down.
You mean Brenda’s your excuse for your poor devotional skills?
Well, when you put it like that, no. But I’m trying to honour my commitments. Okay, that’s another excuse to miss my commitment to Him. Perhaps my time would have been better spent with Him than trying to put this blather together.
Well. At least you’ve owned up to that one. What’s your next excuse . . . ?

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  1. Bryan, what a fun post to read. So true, how we get caught up in our obligations and must-do's, even on holidays. Thanks for your honest assessment!


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